Macro Roadmap

May 2022

Fix mobile app bugs for full translation

Add link to Tokenomics

Correct the link to the mobile app in Google Play

Add link to the Roadmap

Build new community outreach program

June 2022

Develop and integrate the validator mechanism module

Develop and integrate the release mechanism module

Integrate the wallet transfer module (BSC)

Complete first investor outreach program

July 2022

List on a reputable exchange

Commence initial release (Sale)

Develop and integrate the community connectivity module

August 2022

Commence second release (Community sale)

Develop and integrate the community mall module



We have updated the token and removed the Solana SPL and will work with BEP20 chain only. We have replaced the 10 million FUZ with 50 million MACRO tokens. The MACRO tokens will be launched at a base value of $0.50 in November.

We have finished upgrading a lot of the site mechanics and update the Android app. We now have a fully multilingual interface for 40 languages and we are adding the AI interactivity for Q&A algorithmic control. We have also added validator mechanisms, payment mechanisms, but at the same time have disconnected the play to earn platform (Playathon) and will introduce it after the Q&A platform is fully self sufficient.





MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform