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16 min readJul 29, 2021


Christine, our CMXO, during her induction into the company started to ask Ian our COO questions about Macro, instead of just answering them for her to hear, we decided to write them down and share the questions with everyone. We will be preparing a Youtube version within the following weeks.

Please note, this is a big read…why? Because we want to share everything with you!


Q1. What is Macro?

The immediate answer in one sentence is:

Macro is the next generation information platform providing the ultimate environment for questions and answers that is based on UX and AI that pays members for answering questions.

The more detailed answer is:

Macro is a complex hybrid business model that incorporates the Macro vision for financial equality and gives its community members Return on Knowledge. It also shares the wealth with its community and provides a secure platform for multiple activities with the aim to break the economic divide. We use cryptocurrency as an intermediary solution for liquidity.

Information Validity

Macro was initially born out of a necessity to provide validated answers to questions. We have a registration screening process that limits the registrants to answering questions that meet their knowledge and experience. This way we ensure that individuals who ask questions get a reliable and validated answer.


We know that questions can be global, national and local. So we created an environment where localised questions will attract only localised answers. This comes in the form of language and location. We have built the site to provide 40 languages. We will improve on this over time. The idea is that billions of people in the world have to struggle using English. We have broken this divide and provide a platform that will enable everyone to use their language to ask and answer questions. We also recognise that someone living in one city in one country will ask questions relevant to their location, so we provide this within our platform and this gives an exponential benefit of language and location.

Return on Knowledge (RoK)

If you ask a question, you don’t pay for the answer, we do. Macro pays for the answers and this way we provide a Return on Knowledge. RoK means that everyone with experience and knowledge can answer questions they have either solved already, or are competent in providing a solution. So whether you have 40 years experience as a driver, or 20 years experience as a pilot, or 5 years experience as a teacher, you will be able to earn extra income by answering questions aimed at your area of expertise. Our registration process provides our AI with the relevant data to associate a persons experience with specific question sets. This way, we ensure that people who ask questions receive the answer form a person that is capable of answering the question with a high degree of proficiency.

Summing up

Macro offers an additional source of income to everyone that has work and professional experience. Everyone that joins the community earns income from answering questions, from referring companies to provide answers and questions (adverts) and from joining the playathon.


Q2. What services does or will Macro offer?

The services we offer include a Q&A platform, a personal article (blog), a chat platform with the ability to add groups. A market for exchanging service and products. A playathon site where we share the wealth with our leaderboard. A financial clearing house, a defi platform and most of all, a simple and easy to understand UX.

Q&A Platform

The Q&A platform is the heart of our project and through this platform we will provide extra income to millions of people on a daily basis. The more people that use our platform the more income they will generate and this cyclic process will evolve to encompass a global economic change as well as provide a platform where everyone gets qualified and validated answers.

Chat, Articles & Groups

Everyone is part of a group, even the lone wolvers don’t realise they are in the lone wolves group. We provide the platform to build as many groups as you want, and invite your peers to join in on discussions and provide even more answers and solutions which you can convert into income.

Every interaction within the system pays out incremental amounts of FUZ that can be converted into USD or used in the many DeFi apps and services we offer on site.

Market & Trading

It’s not enough that you chat with one another, or that you provide answers to questions. You can also open up your own market stall and sell your products and services online. This is a separate area not included in Advertising.

DeFi and Earning

Since we use FUZ which is a Solana based token, you get to enjoy the wonders of the crypto and blockchain world. If you don’t understand the crypto world its not an issue, we have three levels of interaction to suit every member of our community.

Level 1 — Noob (Beginner) you don’t know crypto, you don’t want to know crypto, you just want to get paid. No probs. All you need to do is take your income from the site wallet and enter the swap room. There you can swap your FUZ for USD instantly.

Level 2- Playa (Intermediate) you know crypto, but you never took a course in quantum physics. No probs. You can stake, earn with a number of saving options, you can trade in the swap room or you can transfer your tokens out to your own wallet.

Level 3-IAMGOD (Professional) you created crypto, you are the reason Elon Musk exists in BTC, if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be here. You can do all that Level 2 does and more, you can use liquidity pools, lending options and more. We haven’t yet figured out how much more because only God knows that and since you are God we will wait for you to come in and tell us what you want.


This is where you, as a company can post your own Q&A set. You only pay $1 per set and you can post unlimited Q&A sets to suit your purposes. Our registration process and Advertising app enables you to focus your Q&A to any language group, to be global, national or focused on a city or group of cities. You can reach millions of verified users by focusing your Q&A to your target audience with ease.


We provide to types of referral payouts.

Type 1: Subscriber referrals pay out a small amount of FUZ one time only per referral.

Type 2: Advertiser referrals pay out 10% of the income that advertiser provides us, on a monthly basis. This means if you refer advertisers you will receive every month 10% of all the income that advertiser maintains with us. The more you refer, the more you earn.

DeFi and Earning

This is where the project turns forks, yup, forks as in we have three prongs; one is the main site, the second is the playathon and this one is the blockchain. Here we provide you with a plethora of different ways to earn and increase your crypto value and it starts with the easy HODL earning all the way through liquidity pools and lending and ending up with trading incentives. When we say trading we don’t mean exchange trading, we mean real commodity trading, where you provide services and products for FUZ. We offer incentives for you to provide leverage for using FUZ pools and other little colorful creatures that come like fireflies in the twilight.


The playathon is part of our sharing the wealth effort. Here we take 30% of all our advertising income and provide it in chunks of $100 as payouts to members that take part in the monthly playathon competition.

The competition is simple, play as many games as you want, select from a list of games and our system, will select a random available player to compete with you. The games are all family games such as Checkers, tic-tac-toe, 9 mans morris, chess and backgammon (we will add more). You accumulate points for a win and draw. The leaderboard shows who is in the money, that means who is earning $100 and who is earning $50. We also provide a consolation prize of 1 FUZ per player that did not make the top.

Every month we expect the amount of prizes to increase based on our increase in income. So if we start out small, we will grow huge. Remember, this is your money not ours. W e share the wealth, we take 30% of all our advertising income and give it back to our community.


Q3. How do our members earn and how do they get paid?

There are 3 models of earning and 3 models of payment:

Earning models

  1. Return on Knowledge

We pay our members for providing answers to questions. The payment is made in FUZ which is an intermediary (internal) liquidity tool that can be exchanged for USD or used in any one of our multiple earning opportunities.

2. Referral

We pay our community members in FUZ for referring subscribers, and we pay our members 10% of all USD income provided by the advertiser they refer.

3. Playathon

We have an equalized payout model where thousands of players on the leaderboard will earn $100, $50 or 1 FUZ (consolation) dependent on where they sit in the leaderboard at the end of the monthly competition.

Payment models

  1. Immediate Swap

Everyone that earns FUZ can exchange it for USD in the swap room

2. Cash Payout

Winners in the playathon competitions receive USD cash prizes that are paid out to their direct payment preference.

3. Exchange

FUZ is an SPL token, and you can transfer it out from your FUZ account to your external wallet and trade it on exchanges.


Q4. How safe is our community data?

We recognise that the biggest threat to our community is cyber. Based on this fact and on the fact that we know we will be a target due to our exponential growth and reach, we have implemented a paradigm shift in that at the core of our platform sits cyber security and everything we develop is developed around this core. We provide multiple security components and elements to ensure that all private information is encrypted, unreachable and untouchable other then by the individual end user.


Q5. What is FUZ?

FUZ is a cryptocurrency built on the Solana blockchain. It is not yet listed on an exchange so it has no latent value other then what we determine. During the coming 2 months we intend to complete our private sale, in which we are selling FUZ at a rate of $2.5 per unit. We will then commence a public offering where the tokens will be offered at $5 per unit. The offering will be done via a respectable exchange, and upon completion of the offering, all our community members that have started to earn income will be able to exchange their FUZ earnings.

So, to recap:

Stage 1: Private Sale — Underway ($2.5)

Stage 2: Public offering — September 2021 ($5.0)

Stage 3: FUZ swap and tradability — October 2021 (>$5.0)


We will provide a number of earning options to FUZ tokens, these include fixed and variable interest savings. Lending , farming and liquidity pools. We will provide a plethora of options to choose from ranging from the safe investment to the leveraged high risk investment.

Upwards Cyclic Value

Our advertising model is cyclic in that we also take 10% of the advertising income and use it to buy back FUZ in our internal swap page directly from the community members that get paid for answering questions. This cyclic buy-back model rejuvenates our limited supply of tokens (where we place it back into the public supply for re-earning by our community) and maintains a scarcity in the market which leads to an constant gradual overall value of the token.


Q6. What is Macro’s vision?

Macro was born out of a geosocial view that the world is dysfunctional economically. The disparity between different wealth levels is a blight on the human ideal and is proof that humanity has not changed in 10,000 years. The only difference between the stone age and today is the technology.

The current economic models of the world are all based on selfish desires. There is no true sharing in the wealth. Even social models do not try to alleviate the situation, all they do is promote political agenda’s without actually delivering any true change in society.


It is said that humanities best performances are through moments of struggle and conflict. We also see leaps and bounds of technological advancement during war as well as during competitive environments. However, the mistake that everyone makes, everyone makes! is that it is not war and conflict that drive the advancements, it is the getting together of the nation, the binding of humanity in the face of adversity and the sharing of information, wealth and assistance in general where everyone comes together for the common good that creates the advancements.

What does this mean?

This means that we as a society must create a common enemy and come together to overcome. This enemy must have a direct relation to our mortality. Here is the most recent example; the world drive to combat Covid-19. Within a year pharmaceutical companies found an inoculation against a virus, something everyone stated was impossible. Why did it become possible, because countries made restrictions, people banded together to sustain the restrictions whilst scientists worked together to find a solution.

We can always view the motives from a negative angle, and this would be “human nature” but in the end, negativity is the death of evolution, it is what kills humanity. Negativity is selfishness and personal greed coming together and working with jealousy and hate. These are our real enemies and the cause of all wars.

So we at Macro want to name our enemy “Negativity” and “Selfishness” we want to create a positive society, a sharing society. We want to abolish the cause that leads to charity. We want to level the economic divide, and eradicate extreme poverty as well as raise the lowest levels of income to a standard that allows everyone an equal base chance to live and provide.

We accept that people want to be rich. We accept that people want to feel good with their fortunes, whether built from hard work or being born into it. What we want is to remove the opposite extremes, where people are starving, have no homes, no electricity, no running water, no access to basic living requirements.

How can we do this?

Role Equality

Consider this: All humans are not equal. We are not born with equal genetic code, we are not raised in equal families and environments, and we are not equal in how we live. We are all unique. Yet, with this uniqueness comes equality, because we are all equal in the role we provide to society.

Everyone is Unique, but everyone’s role is equal

Roles are equal, and this is where the disparity begins. The human selfish model demands that the more “intelligent” roles pay more. For instance, in a hospital, a doctor of medicine will earn up to and even more than 50 times the amount a custodian earns. Yet, when we look at the importance of the role we see they are both equally important. A hospital without doctors will not provide medical services and therefore be useless. However, a hospital without someone to clean it up will become a cesspool of disease and anyone entering it will most probably contract something and die. So, why are custodians looked down upon in society when their role is key to any industry. (as the saying goes “cleanliness is next to Godliness” so doesn’t that make our custodians “angels”?)…and this is but only one example of thousands of examples we encounter globally.

We can apply the rule of role equality in every aspect of life. Every role is key to success, so why does society band wages in such a disproportionate manner?

Macro has take a step to equate wages in a 5x band, this means that in our company everyone earns within 5x of one another. The highest paid employee will earn exactly 5x of the lowest. The band is rigid and it enables all employees equal opportunity to wealth and good living.


OK, next component is poverty, or perhaps its really — Charity. Charity is a double edged sword. Why? Because whilst giving charity is good, the fact that we have to give charity symbolizes that someone has not got something and needs it to survive. The very fact of having a situation that demands giving charity is a blight on humanity because it means that humanity accepts a bipolar economic state in society. This leads us to extreme poverty. 180 million people live in extreme poverty, and around 2 billion people live in poverty or very close to it.

We believe in leading by example.

Sharing the Wealth

So how do we solve this issue? Simple, we change the way we share the wealth with our community. We accept that there are people that need help because for thousands of years, humans have been shit. We wage wars in the name of unknown gods, or for jealousy, or for hatred and we claim to be Enlighted but continue to live in hate. The only way to truly change the world is to change over to a sharing economy. An economy where we share as much as we can, so that everyone can grow and provide better services.

How can we do this? Simple. We call it the 0.5% or $100 payout. For every $20,000 that we generate as revenue (in company) we payout a minimum of 0.5% or $100 to a family in need. However, we don’t give it as charity, we offer it in return for a service. In Macro the service is answering questions and winning by playing one on one games such as chess, checkers, tic-tac-toe and such. This is just the Macro way, every other company can chose a different way.

Now let’s expand this rule over the entire globe. $25 trillion is the global revenue. 0.5% of this is $125 billion. If we divide this by 12 months, we get $10.46 billion per month. If we divide this into chunks of $100 we get the ability to help 104.16 million families per month. This means that 104 million families will have another $100 every month to help them survive. Just so you understand, approx. 180 million people (average this as a family of 4) is equal to 45 million families, so we can eradicate extreme poverty immediately if the world decided to distribute just 0.5 (half) a percent of their revenue every month, and we would have a further 60 million families that live in the poverty line now earning more so they have better food, access to water, electricity and even a home.

What does this mean?

This means that Macro wants to take the first step in helping everyone succeed. Truly succeed. We want to be the first company that takes the first step in changing the global economy by sharing in our wealth and distributing our revenue to our community and helping them earn more to succeed more in life.

By doing this, we also help ourselves because imagine that we are just one company that is part of the whole that provides the $125 billion every month back into local commerce, it raises the overall income levels for everyone and generates an ever increasing cycle of abundance.

How will we do this?

Macro will give back 40%!!! not 1/2% half a percent, but 40% of all its advertising income to the community.

We will take 30% of our advertising income and use it to provide the playathon payouts. We will take another 10% from the advertising income and give it back to the individual that referred the advertiser, but for every month the advertiser advertises. This way the referrer earns income every month.

The Playathon payout concept is that we don’t want to be like “lotteries” we don’t want to give out 1 prize large prize and then successive smaller prizes and everyone goes in and pays to be the next millionaire. They end up wasting their money over decades and most don’t win. Do the math, if there is only one big winner in every draw and there is one draw a week, then the maximum number of big winners will be 52. Over 10 years that 520 big winners…over 10 years! Now lets take that $50 million payout and split it up into chunks of $100 and pay it out to 500,000 people. That means 500,000 people will have an extra $100 a month, every month. In countries such as the Philippines, India, Kenya, Argentina and more, $100 goes a very long way. It means the difference from limiting your food, water and electricity to being able to afford a bit more of these basic amenities, and it means you wont starve.

So, our Playathon is all about giving back to our community in an equally distributed fashion.

Return on Knowledge

We also have a vision around return on knowledge, this means that everyone who has accumulated experience, be it academic or vocational, will be able to earn income just by using their knowledge and experience. We know that everyone, especially pensioners who have amassed a vast wealth of experience and knowledge can now earn from this on our platform.

Summing Up our Vision

Macro wants to lead by example. We want to share our wealth and take a step in changing the worlds current economic divide. We want to eradicate extreme poverty, we want to provide income for sharing in knowledge and experience.

We understand that there will always be richer and poorer, cleverer and stronger people. However, we want to destroy the extreme limits that we find in society, so that there is no more extreme poverty, and where everyone has access to a reasonable income.


Q7. Where do you see Macro in 3 years time?

1 billion happy community members.

A vast and robust Q&A platform with validated answers and a solid AI processor that assures high accuracy to provide validated answers.

250 million families earning extra income of around $100 a month as a baseline.




MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform