Return on Knowledge

MACRO doesn’t require you to own anything; you can be from any socioeconomic position in life. All we ask you to provide is your knowledge and experience. Because we use our first core value “Return on Knowledge” as our core economy principle.

Do you have work experience? Do you have academic experience? Do you have life experience? Well, it’s time you cashed in on your brain!

All we ask you to deliver is an answer. Someone asks a question on a specific subject or in a specific location, and you might have experience or have already solved that question in the past, or you might live in the area the question is asking about. You go online, you answer the question — You get paid by us! It’s as simple as that.

Breaking the Language and Location Barrier

We believe in breaking the language barrier, where English is no longer the main and only language of our site. We provide our service in 40 languages, which means you can ask and answer questions in whatever language you want. (We will add more upon request)

We provide our service using localization, which means you can ask a question that is specific to your town or city, and you will only get an answer from someone who either lives or has experience in your location.

Sharing the Wealth

Our second core value is sharing the wealth, where we take 40% of all our advertising income, income paid to us from advertisers, and refund it back into the system as prizes and buyback cash. This means that we give back to our community from what we earn.

We recognize that 80% of the world’s population lives around $500 a month and below. So $100 a month is a lot of money to earn from answering a few questions per month.

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MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform