MACRO — Its all about the value

2 min readJan 31, 2023

What is our value?

Is is the sum worth of our token on Azbit, or is it the value of our client list? or perhaps the value of the sum of our Q&A list? Or is the value of our ideology?

Our value is actually based on a combination of all.

We have the worlds first true AI (Analog Intelligence) rather than the acceptable (Artificial Intelligence). We prefer to build value with our human resources, our community. Instead of trying to save financial value by reducing our lives to a digital binary base, we prefer to maximize our neural network using real brains. Brains that have experience, knowledge from life, from overcoming hardships in life. True intelligence is not how fast we can calculate and synthesize information, it is how we comprehend the meaning of intent and how we build relationships to meet a common goal. True intelligence is the accumulation of knowledge through experience and learning.

At MACRO everyone is equally important, our community and our team, we would not exist one without the other.

It is our philosophy that as a community of minds we service each other and empower one another through helping us overcome our issues and needs on a daily basis. This can only be done when one person is ready to help another, and yet, we cannot expect them to just give away their life experience and knowledge for free. That would be too altruistic and self defeating. Instead we prefer to pay, to give value, to show appreciation for the involvement of our community and team by using our MACRO token as a means of payment.

We are now listed on our first exchange (Azbit), and this will be the first of many. Slowly over the coming months we will extend our reach across multiple exchanges so we boost all our community members incomes by providing them with multiple gateways to exchange their tokens and release them as funds into their real life wallets.

So what is value in MACRO?

Value is how good you feel in your life! It is how you feel when you get your payout from validating and answering questions on the platform. It is the smile on your face knowing that every month you will earn more income, supplement your wages with an extra splash of money from MACRO and at the same time, help others by sharing your knowledge and experience with them. Value for MACRO is where everyone wins. You win extra income, you win answers to your questions and you win a growing community connection on a local and global basis that believes in income equality for all.




MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform