The Fuzzy.One Pitch Deck

Fuzzy.One is building a novel interactive knowledge-based supply chain solutions community platform. We create an environment for providing solutions to issues that have been solved by professionals from around the world. These solutions provide immediate fixes so that supply chain can continue to flow unhindered.

Fuzzy.One is a disruptive technology information platform that strips away the economic divide by focusing on an individual’s experience and knowledge through Return on Knowledge (RoK).

Our new model opens up a world of validated and trusted information for everyone. Everyone gets paid for their most valuable resources: experience and knowledge. We also remove the hindrances and complications of the crypto world by stripping away 99% of the confusion and providing our community with an easy-to-use conversion platform.

Fuzzy.One is backed by a diverse team with a combined experience of over 150 years in entrepreneurship, supply chain management, blockchain, finance and others. The team brings in a strong legacy of working with multiple global brands. Our technology experts are dedicated and passionate towards achieving our mission.

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

1. Quality of information — removing false and fake results,

2. The speed at which validated solutions reach online,

3. Introducing cryptocurrency as an “intermediate asset solution” to pay for work provided,

4. Providing additional revenue sources for 80% of the world’s population that is considered “poor” and work hard in 2–3 jobs. Our platform provides a return on knowledge (RoK).

5. Providing localised information sharing, removing the “English” barrier.

How is this addressed today and what are the shortcomings to current solutions

It is not addressed today. However, there are platforms like Quora and Wikipedia which encourage knowledge sharing. These platforms have the following limitations:

· No user-incentivization (i.e., No return on knowledge).

· No industry-specific and time-bound answers.

· No use of crypto, the world’s fastest-growing space.

What is our solution to the problem?

A simple to use, yet highly versatile Fuzzy logic information platform that provides validated answers via a Q&A platform and Solutions Library.

Our process kicks off by ensuring the registered users that wish to provide answers and solutions are experienced in a specific range of fields.

We offer them payment via an intermediary cryptocurrency which can then be exchanged for Fiat via our internal dApp or traded on exchanges.

Our system will provide incentives for answering urgent questions and will provide a full range of interactive technologies and UX for our users.

We develop using the latest .net, JS and no-sql languages together with Solana blockchain.

It will enable everyone with knowledge and experience to select 5 key areas they are capable of answering questions and pay them for sharing their knowledge.

It will incentivise people to answer urgent questions within a restricted time frame.

It will be localised, so everyone can ask and answer in their own language, an English translation will be automatically created so we have two data sources; localised and English.

We take away the need to pay for consultancy questions, as our platform provides the payment in the form of a cryptocurrency (intermediate asset), this leads to a better than Pro-Bono service — as we pay people to ask and answer and we get paid by the advertiser to enable them to answer as well.

We are using the latest blockchain technology (Solana) combined with advanced js, .net, no-sql languages for our platform and UX.

It will simplify and introduce the world of cryptocurrency as an intermediate asset to a vast audience.

Explain one or two typical use cases

A rideshare driver has an issue with his vehicle, he needs it fixed urgently, he posts a question in the system and sets the time limit to 10 minutes. Possibly up to 5 users know a solution, their app pings when an urgent question that has their tags on it comes up, they respond within the 10 minute time frame and they are credited with the crypto for their response.

A supply chain manager has raw materials stuck on a ship in the Suez canal, he has to get raw material in within 4 weeks and the Suez issue caused a backlog of a 2-week delay. He goes online and asks if anyone has a solution for supplying a small amount of the raw material. The time limit is set to 24 hours and it pings users that might have a solution based on their tags.

All of the supply chain community: Ranging from Delivery persons & Taxi drivers to supply chain experts, professionals and corporations.

Professional Supply Chain people. People with work experience in Supply Chain. Academicians

Supply Chain Companies, Companies that provide services and/or products to people and companies in the supply chain

Highlight core IP, if any

Fuzzy search that evaluates tags, and keywords in a search. If a question has been asked previously, the search will provide a solution, up to 10 answers per question are allowed. If the search engine does not come up with a similar (fuzzy logic) solution, then the question is posted. The user adds the tags that define the questions audience. The answers posted are then received by the user, and the user ticks the relevant solution that is accepted. This answer is then highlighted in the question database for future users. The wallet of the user who answered is credited with cryptocurrency based on the response speed and an additional bonus if the answer is ticked as the accepted one.

Cyclic marketing model enables us to maintain the crypto value by buying from our users a portion of the crypto they put up for sale. We pay them from the fiat income we are paid with by advertisers. Advertisers do not advertise banners, they advertise by asking and answering their own questions and inserting these into tag searches so that users asking a similar question might hit on these as a reply, which will lead to the user going to the advertiser for the solution.

Why hasn’t your solution been built before?

The internet is not so new, but crypto is definitely still in its infancy. The combination of intermediate liquidity (cryptocurrency) as an asset for payment has been touched but not in such a direct manner.

The cyclic marketing model we provide has not been used before. This model forces the market to maintain a bullish crypto value as we constantly buy the crypto back using a portion of the income from advertising. Essentially a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Why do you think the time is right now?

The time is always right now, especially with emerging markets.

The time is right for us to provide extra sources of income when 80% of the world’s population that is considered poor! We offer them the ability to earn income by answering questions they have already solved. The covid era opened up the internet in ways it was not fully understood, working from home replaced travel, rideshare got hit, but the human brain, experience, knowledge is always there. Information is the domain of the human brain, and everyone has a brain.

We know that the supply chain industry is vast. It is the backbone of every other industry whether it provides goods or services. The supply chain sector is the foundation block of all commerce. Last year the turnover captured by the supply chain industry was $15.85mn which is expected to grow to $37.41 mn by 2027. This more than twofold growth in industry owes to various factors such as the Growing impact of digital commerce, Increase in inclination toward cloud-based supply chain management software, and Adoption of SCM software in industries like healthcare and pharmaceutical. This is the quantum of the problem under discussion and this is the size of the opportunity to capture.

Later in the presentation, we shall be discussing our very own tokens, that we shall be issuing as rewards for relevant and valuable articles posted on our platform. To understand why we decided to issue tokens, we need to know how vast the cryptocurrency market is. Take Bitcoin, for example. Its journey started from as low as $0.8/bitcoin in 2009 when it was launched and it is expected to reach as high as $0.1 mn/bitcoin in 2027. These figures should give us a fair idea about the enormity of the crypto market.

Who are your direct and indirect competitors? How do you plan to win against them?

At the moment, Fuzzy.One has no direct competition providing domain-specific solutions. The closest indirect competitor is Quora which neither provides industry-specific validated solutions nor incentivises users for knowledge sharing either in fiat or crypto. Also, the solutions are not provided in a time-bound manner.

How do the current solutions compare with your solution?

Current solution is a generalized platform, whereas we provide supply chain industry specific validated information in time-bound manner, with an added benefit of rewards in cryptocurrency.

How easy is it to replicate your solution?

The cost to replicate the technology is a factor of how much the competitor would be willing to spend. However, building relationships and trust with all the markets and marketing is where the big spend occurs, and this is very hard to replicate.

Every great idea requires a great marketing strategy to reach the right audience at the right time.

So, we also came up with an extensive marketing plan with a budget of approx. $ 2 mn to be deployed into various activities.

We will hire a local marketing specialist for each country to capitalize on local nuances. In addition to that, we’ve come up with a dynamic Marketing Strategy to accommodate for changes in scenarios. We’ve also kept in mind continuous up-grade of the Website, open-less app and UI for a better user experience.

How do you make money? What is the Revenue/Cost model?

Following are the revenue drivers for different services that we provide:

· Q&A Platform: Sponsored answer by Supply Chain (SC) companies to reach out to relevant audiences. Advertisers do not advertise using banners, they advertise by asking and answering their own questions and inserting these into tag searches. When users ask a similar question, they may hit on these answers as a reply, which will lead to them to the advertiser.

· Fuzzy Mall: Transactions / Convenience fee for each successful trade on the platform between different supply chain companies worldwide. (coming in next phases)

· Ancillary Service: Trading fee on trades on our Uniswap like trading platform. (coming in next phases)

What is our Fund Requirement?

We have a fund requirement of USD 6 million, of which USD 3 million shall be raised through equity and the remaining USD 3 million through token raise. These funds shall be deployed into:

· Asia launch

· Marketing activities

· Platform development

· Yield farming

· Talent acquisition



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