4 min readNov 25, 2022

Well its finally happening. We are gearing up to an IDO and we are releasing our upgraded site model. Here are the essentials:

Validated Questions

To ensure we only get quality questions that are fuzzy in nature, we will apply human validators to approve each question before it is opened to answers.

What is a fuzzy question?

There are two types of question, a fuzzy one and a binary one. A binary question is a question that has only one correct answer. Most taught subjects are binary, such as history, the sciences and even literature (apart from the critique component). A binary question is subjective/objective but not perceptual and can be “who is the president of…” or “What is the last word in the book…” and “what is a protein” etc…these are binary questions and we do not pay for these to be answered. A fuzzy question is perceptual such and includes such questions as “what is the fastest way to…” or “Who sells nappies in Kandahr at 2am?”, or “who is is the best family lawyer in Manchester?” Fuzzy questions rely on personal experience and knowledge to provide an answer, and every individual might provide a different response which is perceptually correct.

Also, We have initiated a 2 tick validation rule, where anyone from the Macro community can be a validator. All you need to do is read the question and decide if its fuzzy or not. If its fuzzy you validate it by upvoting it. There are two upvotes per validation, and the first two that validate the question get paid $0.50 per upvote. So the faster you are the more you will earn, its a race to validate so people can answer. You get paid for upvoting and downvoting, this way we can easily remove binary questions that clog up the system.
Note that we only pay for the 2 validations whether up or down, if a validator votes down when the other two are up (or vice versa) then only the two validators who voted up (or down) get paid.

The four rules of validation are:

  1. Only upvote a fuzzy question and down vote a binary question,
  2. You cannot answer the question if you validate it.
  3. You cannot validate your own question.
  4. You can only validate a question once.

Anti-Scam Protocols.

We understand that there are criminal elements in society, so we have anti-scam protocols in place that check the validation process. If we find a pattern where we see people asking binary questions on purpose to ensure they are downvoted by their team mates, we will ban these users from the site and we will not pay them any tokens.


the first 5 people who answer get paid. All answers after the fifth do not. The payment is also speed related. The first answer gets paid in full to the value of $1.5, the second answer gets 75% of this, the third gets 75% of the second and so on down to the fifth.

Questions are also paid more or less based on the number of controls you apply. These controls include the following levels:

Level 1: A question that has meta tags, country and city — Pays $2.5

Level 2: A question that has meta tags and country — Pays 1.5

Level 3: A question that has meta tags only — Pays $1

Level 4: A question that does not have controls — Pays $0.25

The reason for these are that we want our community to benefit from the best possible answer. Since we all live in a country in a city, most of our questions are based locally. Our system has filters in place, so when someone registers, they provide us with a list of countries and cities they are experienced with. This means that when a question is asked it will “ping” to only a filtered list of users. The broader (or less controls in place) the more people get pinged. For example, if you live in Delhi and ask a question about wedding clothes, you would use meta tags, country and city so that only people in your city will answer it. if you only used country than anyone in India can answer it even if they don’t know the answer.

Urgent Questions

Urgent questions pay more, the top level urgency pays 1.5% more, but there is an urgency protocol in place, where if you use the urgency setting for no reason you will be banned after three abuses of urgency.

The Future

We want a world where everyone earns income from their life experiences. Where our community polices itself and where we, as a community share in the wealth. It is time to break down the capitalistic economy that drives poverty. Every individual is a world, every individual has worth and every individual has an equal role in the progress of society. True wealth is not measured in money or assets but in how we help others. The more we help, teach and love, the wealthier we truly are.


We have not yet developed the advertiser module, this is in development. The Advertiser module is similar to the Q&A but with one big difference. Advertisers can ask and answer their own question and there is no validation process. They pay for asking the question at a rate of $2 per month per question. There is a 50% discount on this if they pay for the question in MACRO tokens ($1). This means they need to go onto the exchange where we are traded to buy tokens, and then when they fill out their Q&A form they transfer the payment in tokens from their wallet to ours. This process is devised to ensure a controlled buy back on the market, which generates a demand for the tokens leading to a continuous bull market.




MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform