MACRO Trading — Private Sale

2 min readFeb 5, 2023

MACRO is now open on Azbit as our first leg into the CEX world.

We are opening up a new Private Offering which will sell MACRO tokens at 50% value of the current exchange rate. This private offering is open from 6/2/2023 for 14 days and will close on 19/2/2023 at 8am.

All requests to purchase tokens must go directly to

You must provide a BSC wallet address to receive the MACRO tokens. The current price is set at $0.60 per MACRO with a spread of 2%.

We will provide a BSC wallet address to receive the USDT value of the sale.

All transactions will be made on a direct one to one approach, where the transfer of tokens happens while discussing the transaction on telegram.

The Telegram group link: MACRO Private Sale

Steps to Private Sale:

  1. Login to Telegram and goto the private sale group here: MACRO Private Sale
  2. Enter your BSC wallet address and the amount of MACRO you want to buy.
  3. We will respond with a price that is 50% of the market, but it will not be less than $0.25 USDT per MACRO.
  4. You confirm the price and send the USDT to the BSC wallet that is pinned to the Group. (0x0e875a28D4868A9bDFc5246d44AA17be16D4F813)
  5. Upon receipt of the USDT (confirmed transfer) we transfer to you the equivalent MACRO tokens.
  6. The only other way, if you want to buy, is at market value is to buy online at AZBit and select the MACRO/USDT pair for trade.




MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform