MACRO — The New (Update)

3 min readSep 19, 2022

It’s finally coming to fruition. We have updated our entire model.

The Q&A Platform is now an optimized and efficient self managed, self validating ecosystem. A democratized community where everyone has a chance to earn and everyone will earn. Also, the community self polices the community so no one can scam. No need for AI’s or machines to stop us, everyone is a question, answer and validator.

Here is the new logic:

We will no longer need AI or machines to manage our validation process, we will pay our community to police the community and here is how:


There are two types of questions: Binary and Fuzzy.

  1. Binary questions are questions with only one correct answer. Such as a date, a quote, a historical fact, a word in a book, a scientific question (any science such as maths, biology, physics, chemistry etc.) These binary questions are all found in other search engines such as Google, Bing etc. A binary question can be asked, but will not be paid. All answers will be downvoted and locked so that they cannot be answered after the first two downvotes.
  2. Fuzzy questions are questions where people require a solution to an every day query such “where can I buy nappies at 11pm in downtown Harare? or who sells the best and cheapest chicken thighs in Bordeaux, to who can help me import toys from Thailand to Mexico.” Fuzzy questions can provide different responses from people will different knowledge or experience. These will be validated twice (upvoted) and paid for.


  1. A person who asks a question cannot answer it nor validate any of the answers.
  2. A person who answers a question cannot answer more than once, cannot validate their own answer nor validate other answers in the same question.
  3. A validator can validate all answers in a question once only. That means one validation per answer. They cannot double validate.
  4. All community members can ask, answer and validate.


Before tokens are released, they are deposited as virtual tokens in the site wallet. This is just a data set stating how many tokens the user has before they remove them from the site wallet into their real wallet. This is done for two reasons:

  1. Tokenomics release, whereby only a percentage of the tokens can be released daily, this ensures markets are not flooded and everyone has an equal chance of earning.
  2. Validator control, where we have a BI in the back that shows patterns of who asks, answers and validates. As such, is a group of people come together to try and scam the system for Binary questions they will be banned from the community and all tokens will be deleted from their wallets. We will provide 1 warning before we block anyone that validates a binary question, and we will provide three warnings to someone that downvotes a fuzzy question.


To ensure that the community earns we provide a first come first served policy, The faster you answer the more you get paid. The first answer gets paid more than the second, and the second more than the third etc. All answer must be validated. Validators get paid: the 1st validator gets paid 10% and the 2nd 5%, and validators can validate all answers in a question set. So the sooner you validate the sooner you get paid. Validators get paid a base rate for downvoting binary questions, so if you are an active validator and police the system downvoting binary questions you can make a good income too.


There are questions that need to be answered urgently. The more urgent the question the higher the payout to answers that are provided within the time limit to answer. However, once again, there is a logic here too. You can only ask one urgent question a day. This stops abuse of this, with this stated, we have a BI that shows us the pattern of use, and if we find that people are asking urgent questions frequently, they will be banned.


We have created a self managed, self validated community where every action is paid for. Everyone can earn, and its in 40 languages. So, get ready to ask questions, answer them, validate them and earn extra income by becoming the largest repository of Q&A in the world.




MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform