MACRO — The New Rebrand

11 min readDec 19, 2021


After much deliberation and multiple requests from every corner of the globe, from subscribers to investors, from haters to lovers, we have changed our name from Fuzzy.One to Macro!

Macro is the next generation information platform providing the ultimate environment for earning income for AI validated questions and answers.

The more detailed answer is:

Macro is a complex hybrid business model that incorporates the Macro vision for financial equality and gives its community members Return on Knowledge. It also shares the wealth with its community and provides a secure platform for multiple activities with the aim to break the economic and language divide. We use cryptocurrency as an intermediary liquidity solution.

Our Team

Our team is a fully diverse, globally distributed team over five continents building up awareness across the globe and working cohesively towards a shared vision.

Ian Kano, (UK), Founder & CIO, LinkedIn Profile

Sameer Bakhru, (India), CEO/CFO, LinkedIn Profile

Mushtaq Hussein Naikoo (India), CTO, LinkedIn Profile

Christine Koki Mulu, (Kenya), CMXO, LinkedIn Profile

Rosman Oira, (Philippines), Head of Blockchain, LinkedIn Profile

Dr Marjorie Rola (Philippines), Academic Advisor, LinkedIn Profile

Dr Carla Negrao (Angola/Portugal), Economic Advisor, LinkedIn Profile

Mohan Devsam (Australia), Project Management Advisor (Director), LinkedIn Profile

Owais Kath (Pakistan), Head Web Development, LinkedIn Profile

Juliano Righetto (Brazil), Portuguese Community Ambassador, iMDB Profile

Sephy Rodriguez, (Philippines), Philippines Community Manager, Meta Profile

Haider Ahmed Al_Nassat, (Syria), Arabic Community Manager, Meta Profile

The Quick Guide

Information Sharing

The Smart Community Earning Platform provides a meeting place for the global community to earn extra income by sharing information at a global, national, and local level and to communicate in 40 languages.

Q&A with community & AI validated answers pays out to everyone with a validated answer.

Subscribers — validators get paid for validating answers.

Blogs (Articles) can also be written for which the writer gets paid.


Mall with “shop windows” for selling services and products (0.25% FUZ fee for every transaction).

Listing pages for selling and trading secondhand products. (0.25% FUZ fee for every transaction).

Financial Services

Provides a comprehensive range of financial services, including transfer of funds between community members, DeFi savings, loans, liquidity pools and swap.

Token Transfer (Gifting Page) enables subscribers to transfer FUZ tokens between one another. (0.25% FUZ fee for every transaction) [Money Transfer]

Social Media

Chat and Group Chat modules to enhance the community experience. (Social Media)


An exceptional play experience with our own Play-to-Earn module providing extra income on a monthly competitive basis to all our community members.

Play-to-Earn monthly competition to earn bonus tokens. (Sharing the wealth).


Advertising enables companies and individuals to “advertise” Q&A sets for $1 per month per set.


Referring a subscriber pays 0.01 FUZ.

Referring an Advertiser pays 10% of the advertising income for as long as the advertiser continues to advertise.

Some Detail


We know that questions can be global, national and local. So we created an environment where localised questions will attract only localised answers. This comes in the form of language and location. We have built the site to provide 40 languages. We will improve on this over time. The idea is that billions of people in the world have to struggle using English. We have broken this divide and provided a platform that will enable everyone to use their language to ask and answer questions. We also recognise that someone living in one city in one country will ask questions relevant to their location, so we provide this within our platform and this gives an exponential benefit of language and location.

Return on Knowledge (RoK)

If you ask a question, you don’t pay for the answer, we do. Macro pays for the answers and this way we provide a Return on Knowledge. RoK means that everyone with experience and knowledge can answer questions they have either solved already or are competent in providing a solution. So whether you have 40 years experience as a driver, or 20 years experience as a pilot, or 5 years experience as a teacher, you will be able to earn extra income by answering questions aimed at your area of expertise. Our registration process provides our AI with the relevant data to associate a persons experience with specific question sets. This way, we ensure that people who ask questions receive the answer from a person that is capable of answering the question with a high degree of proficiency.

Self-validating community

One of the biggest concerns our community voiced was the validity of answers. In fact, many were concerned that questions with only one answer would lead to abuse of the system, where people would answer and be paid after the first person answered. Well, we have a solution that was provided by one of our community members. We are introducing moderators. A moderator is a subscriber that gets paid for validating an answer. We will require two moderators to validate an answer before the answer gets approved for payment. Once two moderators have upvoted an answer, the payment will be automatic. The moderators will also downvote answers that are identical to the first answer validated. So, if a question is asked and it has only one answer, such as “What year was Queen Elizabeth the II coronated?” (The answer is 1952) the first answer that is correct will be validated and paid. All the remaining answers will not be validated by a moderator. Moderators get paid 10% of the value of the answer. For questions that might have multiple answers, such as “Who is the best freight forwarder in Mumbai?” Moderators will be allowed to validate all 5 answers. Yes, we limit the number of answers to 5.

By providing our community with their own power of self-validation, we essentially build the worlds largest and fully decentralised peer review information system. No more fake news, no more false claims, fully validated answers paid for by the community for the community.

Financial Services

Money Transfers

Yes, the world is full of money transfer systems such as PayPal, Western Union etc. BUT, what if we enabled you, the subscriber, to transfer funds between people via our system. A seamless and fee-free transfer system. Merely transfer FUZ tokens from one user to another. The receiver will then be able to cash out these tokens via an exchange. The sender pays NO FEE’s and the receiver only pays the standard Solana transaction fees. The fastest and easiest way to transfer funds between people.

Money Transfer is easy; just select the username you want to transfer funds to, select the amount to transfer and press enter. The receiver only needs to withdraw the funds via our built-in withdrawal system to their external FUZ wallet and from there to the exchange we will list on. In the exchange, they will be able to convert or swap their tokens for USDT/USDC and from there withdraw them to their preferred “real money” account.

Referral System

Advertiser Referrals Income

We are building the advertiser module which is similar to the Q&A module but with one main difference, advertisers pay to advertise their Q&A sets. The model is comprehensive, similar to Google Ads in construct. The main difference is that we pay you, our subscribers, our community to refer advertisers to our site. 10% of monthly Advertiser income is paid directly to the subscriber that referred the advertiser. So long as the advertiser pays every month, the subscriber who referred the advertiser will continue to receive their monthly income. Anyone can be an advertiser, all you need to do is “sell a service or a commodity” any company, shop, online service, service provider, product seller, anyone that wants to reach out to a large community may do so with ease on Macro.


Android App

We are currently developing an Android version of the Q&A Module including registration and login to the site. The mobile app will be multi-lingual too.

Some More Detail

MACRO is an information platform that receives its data from the community. Subscribers ask questions and subscribers answer them. The other source of data is from writing detailed articles that present a problem, a solution and an outcome. These two data sources are provided solely by the community and they payout to the community. The information provided is supported by our “Return on Knowledge” concept, where everyone can answer questions and post articles based on their life, academic and work experience.

We support the business model with a play to earn set where subscribers are offered a monthly competition on our play platform. Subscribers play against other subscribers for fun and the leaderboard of wins/draws/losses pays out at the end. You only need to play 10 games to start earning tokens. The higher up the leaderboard the more you earn, however, there is a cap that allows us to pay out an equal amount to as many players as possible, which is the core of our “Share the Wealth” concept.

The marketing model supports the two models above as it provides income to buy back tokens as well as share income with the play to earn model. Advertisers do not compete for digital real estate, instead, they provide solutions in the form of Q&A and Article sets. Unlike the subscribers who get paid for providing solutions, advertisers pay us a monthly amount to maintain any number of Q&A’s and Articles that provide our community with a solution that will attract them to read the advertisers information. The income generated is split up into three payouts, the first is 10% for referral, where the subscriber who referred an advertiser gets paid 10% of the advertiser’s income on a monthly basis. 20% gets put into the play to earn system as prizes to be distributed back to the community, and a further 20% is used to buy back on a monthly basis, tokens from the community, thereby depleting the market from growing in more tokens.

In addition to the above, we have a mall and Defi earnings built into the system. The Mall will provide a shop front for subscribers to trade in services and products using FUZ as the currency. Defi earnings will provide many products ranging from fixed interest to liquidity pools for lending.

MACRO Tokenomics 2.0

To support a bullish market and to ensure the FUZ tokens are in constantly high demand, we are integrating five core components:


For every answer that gets the most upvotes in a month, we will create an Answer NFT on a background generated by the answer owners country. This NFT is unique, there will be only one every month. These will be given out on the first of the next month.

We will also create NFT’s for the leading Referrers. Every year, the top 7 referrers will receive a unique referral NFT using their username on an artwork representing their country. These will be given out every January 1st of the New Year.

We will provide an NFT for the most prolific community activists. Individuals that ask questions, answer questions, are active in group discussions and are generally ambassadors for our community. The top 7 most active subscribers will receive an Activity NFT based on their username on a backdrop of any photo they send in for creating the NFT. These will be given out every January 1st of the New Year.

Once a year we will generate unique advertisers NFT for the most active advertisers on the site. The top 7 advertisers will each receive an NFT created from their corporate Logo and their username. These will be given out every January 1st of the New Year.

Buy Back

To support a bullish market requirement, we integrated an internal buyback based on income. As mentioned above, we will use 20% of all the project income to buy back on daily basis tokens that are distributed to our subscribers. The buyback will occur in two locations; in our internal swap page, which means that tokens will not reach the market, and in the market after tokens have been transferred to an exchange.

In addition to the above, we are budgeting to buy back on the market release date 50% of all airdrop dumps. We estimate that out of 1.5% market cap that is available for airdropped tokens, only 0.8% will be distributed by the end of the countdown date. As such, we expect 50% of these tokens to hit the market on day 1; this accounts for approx. 40,000 tokens of which we will buy back 20,000, accounting for a 0.2% immediate buyback.

Distribution Release Mechanism

Our distribution release mechanism includes the following taps and meters:

Owners: Anyone employed by MACRO or is an equity holder in the company will wait 9 months before releasing the hodl on their tokens. At the release date, only 6.67%% of their holdings will be unlocked. Subsequently, every month a further 6.67% of their holdings will be unlocked until 15 months post cliff. However, owners will be restricted to holding a minimum of 50% of their initial holdings in a liquidity pool for the benefit of the project.

Seed Investors: Anyone that buys tokens will have 10% of their holding unlocked after 3 months and the remaining 90% linear unlocking with a cliff of 6 months and 6 months vesting period.

Private Investors: Anyone that buys tokens will have 10% of their holding unlocked at public offering,10% at a 3-month cliff, and remaining 80% linear unlocking with a cliff of 6 months and 6 months vesting period

Public Investors: Anyone that buys tokens will have immediate distribution to trade when the token is listed.

Q&A/Articles: Anyone that uses the site to create content and is paid for as per the business model will have immediate distribution to trade when the token is listed.

Airdrops: Anyone that received tokens as subscribers and referrers will have a delay of 30 days after token listing before their tokens are released to the market.

Core Liquidity Pool Hodl

Anyone that wants to withdraw tokens from their site wallet must first place 20 FUZ in the core liquidity pool. This 20 FUZ is stored and not touched by anyone and is the sole property of the subscriber who owns the tokens. The liquidity pool holdings are presented in the subscriber’s site wallet. The number of FUZ will vary once the token starts to trade and gets a market value, then the core hodl amount will be the equivalent FUZ for $100. The amount is held by the system will automatically adjust itself daily.

Once a subscriber has accumulated 20 FUZ or the equivalent FUZ for $100, anything above that can be withdrawn. Since there are three income ways, which include Q&A, Articles, Play to Earn, and Referrals, it will be very easy and quick to fill up the first 20 FUZ.

The reason for this is to stop a pump and dump activity that is foreseen once the token is released to the market. Anyone that received free tokens from an airdrop and has no intention to use the site, will not be able to release the tokens until they have accumulated the minimum hodl amount, after which any tokens above this amount may be released.

Summing up

Macro offers an additional source of income to everyone that has work and professional experience. Everyone that joins the community earns income from answering questions, from referring companies to provide answers and questions (adverts) and from joining the playathon.




MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform