Macro — It’s Here!

We promised you an exceptional update this week, and here it is.

Mobile App

We have completed the first iteration of our mobile app, it is currently in English only, but an update will be made available with all 40 languages. The app is being beta tested first, and will be available via Google Play or as an APK file downloadable from the site. The mobile app is in Android only, and an iOS version will be made available at a later date.
The mobile app — Macro will enable new users to register, current users to login and be able to ask and answer questions as well as upvote, downvote and post comments to answers.

Listing & IDO

After a long long wait we have finally made a partnership with a strong young new exchange AXLToken. The partnership will be in the form of an IDO followed by a listing. Trading will be open on the exchange for all IDO participants only for the first 30 days. After which we will introduce gradually the token holders on site.


To ensure a stable token value, our Tokenomics model will meter the flow of tokens from the site at 5% and no more than 2 tokens per day of the total tokens held per user for the first month. After which the gauge will open incrementally, the second month will allow for 10% or maximum 4 tokens per day followed by 25% and 10 tokens per day for the 3rd month. Based on market performance and handling, we will only limit the flow to 100 tokens per day per user from the fourth month onwards, and this limit will cease once the market has absorbed all activities has proven to be a robust market with good trading numbers.




MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform

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MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform

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