Macro is Finally Here

Aghaonu Johnbosco Arinze

In this amazing update we bring you two new successful actions that we have completed this week.

  1. We have signed on a new Crypto Officer who will act as interim CEO.
  2. We have upgraded our mobile app with full language support

The Mobile app may be downloaded here from Google Play Store:

Introducing our new CCO (interim CEO) Aghounu Johnbosco Arinze

Aghaonu Johnbosco Arinze has been actively engaged in the Blockchain/cryptocurrency industry since 2016.Financial Analyst |NFT Creator, Tokenomics Specialist Expert , Blockchain/ Smart Contract evangelist, Content writer and Virtual Assistant with a passion for finance and technology

Aghaonu Johnbosco Arinze is a blockchain thought-leader.

Throughout his career, Aghaonu has helped clients with product analysis, enterprise design, and integration of complex systems in the emerging cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Due to his expertise, Aghaonu Johnbosco is an avid public educator/ speaker/panelist at financial and technology events and conferences.

As an advocate for the crypto/Blockchain technology adoption, He founded CODERSTECH BLOCKCHAIN & AI AFRICA , through which many people have trained on the blockchain/crypto trading, investment and skills.



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