Listing 26th Jan 2023

Get Ready to trade. MACRO is listing on Azbit on the 26th of Jan, 2023.

Trading will open on the 26th, however no tokens are released to market. The only way to earn tokens is to either register to the Macro site and start to validate or answer questions, or to participate in a 5 day private sale where the token will be sold at $0.25 irrespective of the market trade value.

For private sale you will need to contact where 2% of the market cap has been released for sale.

Please note, no tokens are airdropped or released for free. 90% of all tokens are for proof of work and only 8% are for founders and MACRO employees. 2% are for private sale. The 8% of tokens held by founders and employees are locked for 6 months after which they will be released at a metered rate of 1% of the 8% per month = 0.08% per month.



MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform

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