Something to think about and react! Yes, this article is provocative for a reason…it’s time to think…or maybe we don’t need to…This article is either going to make you angry, or you will agree with it. If this article offends you, GOOD! It means its true, because the truth hurts when you don’t accept it!

  1. Some of the worlds billionaires pretend they care, they have active Instagram and twitter accounts and influence the sheep into following them. The sheep clap and laugh, are happy because maybe the billionaire noticed their response and they go home with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. The world glows with every step. ONLY NOT. The world has not changed, the billionaire is not interested in you, the billionaire is only interested in your praise. He/She is like a small god who only exists when others believe in him/her and the more that believe in him/her the more they get excited and squirt more tweets and photos and try to make everyone jump like little trained sheep. Good sheep! Go home and starve, but at least starve with a smile on your face, because your billionaire god might have noticed your rofl or clap…most probably not. The billionaire god is more interested in making more money and being more famous.
  2. These gods like to invest in crypto, but not for the common good. No, no, they invest because crypto for them is like a maze in a lab and the small sheep (lab rats) are the people who pray to these gods with their claps and smiles. See the little sheep run, see them turn and jump and squeek (baa) at every pump and dump the billionaire gods initiate. See how the crypto world is no longer decentralized, it is solely in the hands of the rich and famous. Run little sheep, run and chase after the golden moon that you will never reach.
  1. Isn’t it amazing how many crypto currencies are worth more than the annual budgets of nations. Lets look at Solana and Polkadot to start off with, and perhaps add Cardano. Then lets look at HSBC, JAL and Heinz.
  2. Solana, Polkadot and Cardano and projects that have not yet made any real income as they are still in development and the only money they have comes from investors. Their tokens though are valued at $40b, $50b, $60billion…phew…such big numbers. Let’s compare this to real companies that have been around for a while and are making real income, real profits.
  3. Heinz annual revenue is around $26 billion, their market value is around $44 billion. So the food company Heinz is worth less then the Solana blockchain project token.
  4. HSBC annual revenue is around $50 billion, their market value is around $76 billion. So the financial institution called HSBC is worth the same as the Cardano blockchain project token. (HSBC employs 226,059 people and has assets in excess of $2 trillion)
  5. JAL annual revenue is around $12 billion, their market value is around $9 billion. So the airline company named JAL is worth less than Polkadot blockchain project token.

So what are we seeing, we are seeking the sheep meming for tokens to reach trillions in value where their projects do not even make $1 of income, employ less than 100 people and are totally centralised.

There are now around 7.8 billion people in the world. Of which 4 billion (over 50%) are poor. YES POOR!!! These people earn under $300 a month. Some live in extreme poverty (less than $10 a month).

Fuzzy.One has come up with a financial model that integrates economics with tokenomics. It takes the cryptocurrency world for what it was designed for and creates an intermediate liquidity asset that enables the poor to earn extra income and to take a step out of the poverty circle.

Its sounds too good to be true?

Maybe, lets ask this:

  • When Bill Gates and his team started to develop DOS, did they immediately succeed or did it take a decade before their hard work and efforts led to a global success?
  • When Steve Jobs and Apple developed Mac, did it lead to immediate success or did it take over 2 decades for Jobs to leave Apple, return to Apple and present the iPod that led to a technological revolution.
  • When Jeff Bezos started his online bookstore Amazon, did it immediately succeed or did he nearly go bankrupt and only after 2 decades and changing his model to a supply chain driven business did he finally succeed?

Now let’s go retro…

  • When Buddha started to walk around India did everyone immediately listen to him? Or did Buddha walk and teach for 45 years until he died, his disciples spread the word after he died. It took hundreds of years for his teachings to take hold and a religion to be born.
  • When Moses met with Pharaoh did Pharaoh agree with him? Or, did Moses have to smite Egypt with 10 plagues and take the Israelites across a desert for 40 years only for Moses to be denied entry to the promised land.
  • When Christ preached, did everyone listen to him? Or, only after Christ’s crucifixion’s, ascension and over 300 years of his disciples being torn apart did the religion finally catch on when the Roman Emperor Constantine accept it as his religion.
  • When Mohammad rode Al Buraq, did everyone follow him? Or did Muhammad fight many wars and had many enemies and rode up to heaven leaving the leaders to continue the spread of his words until it became a powerful religion 600 years after he ascended.

There are no overnight successes! There are no instant riches! It takes time, effort, team work, believers and decades of struggle to become successful. We at Fuzzy.One know that we need to reach out to 4 billion low income earners, 4 billion poor people to provide them with a platform to succeed. We are prepared for this to take time, we are ready to fight for this, we are in the struggle, and we will succeed!

Because we are realists, we wont give up and we will adapt, change and evolve to ensure our vision and belief will take root, grow and flourish.



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