Fuzzy.One-What’s in store for you!

We are preparing a lot of interesting updates for our community and here are a just four of twenty six of the changes we are planning for you:

Self validating community — one of the biggest concerns our community voiced was in the validity of answers. In fact many were concerned that questions with only one answer would lead to abuse of the system, where people would answer and be paid after the first person answered. Well, we have a solution that was provided by one of our community members. We are introducing moderators. A moderator is a subscriber that gets paid for validating an answer. We will require two moderators to validate an answer before the answer gets approved for payment. Once two moderator shave upvoted and answer, the payment will be automatic. The moderators will also downvote answers that are identical to the first answer validated. So, if a question is asked and it has only one answer, such as “What year was Queen Elizabeth the II coronated?” (The answer being 1952) the first answer that is correct will be validated and paid. All the remaining answers will not be validated by a moderator. Moderators get paid 10% of the value of the answer. For questions that might have multiple answers, such as “Who is the best freight forwarder in Mumbai?” Moderators will be allowed to validate all 5 answers. Yes, we limit the number of answers to 5.

By providing our community with their own power of self validation, we essentially build the worlds largest and fully decentralized peer review information system. No more fake news, no more false claims, fully validated answers paid for by the community for the community.

Money Transfers: Yes, the world is full of money transfer systems such as PayPal, Western Union etc. BUT, what if we enabled you, the subscriber, to transfer funds between people via our system. A seamless and fee free transfer system. Merely transfer FUZ tokens from one user to another. The receiver will then be able to cash out these tokens via an exchange. The sender pays NO FEE’s and the receiver only pays the standard Solana transaction fees. The fastest and easiest way to transfer funds between people.

Money Transfer is easy, just select the username you want to transfer fund to, select the amount to transfer, and press enter. The receiver only needs to withdraw the funds via our built in withdrawal system to their external FUZ wallet and from there to the exchange we will list on. In the exchange they will be able to convert or swap their tokens for USDT/USDC and from there withdraw them to their preferred “real money” account.

Advertiser Referrals Income: We are building the advertiser module which is similar to the Q&A module but with one main difference, advertisers pay to advertise their Q&A sets. The model is comprehensive, similar to Google Ads in construct. The main difference is that we pay you, our subscribers, our community to refer advertisers to our site. 10% of monthly Advertiser income is paid directly to the subscriber that referred the advertiser. So long as the advertiser pays every month, the subscriber who referred the advertiser will continue to receive their monthly income. Anyone can be an advertiser, all you need to do is “sell a service or a commodity” any company, shop, online service, service provider, product seller, anyone that wants to reach out to a large community may do so with ease on Fuzzy.One.

Android App: We are currently developing an Android version of the Q&A Module including registration and login to the site. The mobile app will be multi-lingual too.



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