Fuzzy.One-Update 28/10/21

We have been performing a beta test of our Q&A site and the play to earn site for the past 30 days. We have another 30 days of testing to complete. Our community has provided us with a lot of exceptional feedback and we are updating our Backoffice with a lot of functionality. Amongst the additional functionality will be the following updates over the next 2–3 weeks.

We are going to create three Q&A groups.

The first will be the urgent/professional question group. This group includes everyone that categorizes their questions with a subject area and a location in any language. The people that answer this group will receive 1 FUZ or the equivalent of $5 per answer. (Please note, anyone that abuses this definition by asking a “general knowledge” question under the guise of a specific subject area will be banned from using the site. A general knowledge question is a question that only has one possible answer irrespective of its subject. for instance, if you were to ask where is the best place to buy shoes in Manila, that is a “good question”, if you were to ask “Who was the father of King David” that is a general knowledge question and will be treated as such.)

The second group is the Academic group, where only students and tutors may ask and answer questions within this group. However, if a question has a subject area, anyone that has the expertise as defined by their registration details can answer it from outside the academic world too. This group will be paid the equivalent of $1 per answer.

The third group is the general knowledge and Unclassified group, these are for people who ask general knowledge questions or questions without subject areas. The answer to this group will only be the equivalent of $0.1 as these questions can be found over many sites on the internet and do not require specific subject area knowledge. (Questions such as “who was the last prime minister of India, or Who is the fastest man, or Where is Lagos?”)

To ensure timely responses we are limiting the number of answers and the payouts. The first answer will pay 100%, the second answer will pay 75%, the third answer will pay 75% of the second answer and so on until the 5th answer. We only enable 5 answers per question.

When viewing the site, you will only see questions in the language you have selected to view the site. There are currently 40 languages to choose from. Select a language, refresh the screen and you will see the questions and answers of that language.

When asking a question, you must select the language you want your answers in if not in the same language as the question.

The site is in beta mode and the token FUZ is not yet listed. We intend to list within the next 60 days latest. Once we are listed on an exchange, we will then build up the token value over a period of 30 days and then release all tokens held on site for withdrawal. This is set to enable us to build a token value as defined in our Tokenomics article published here.

We have completed the development of an SPL wallet generator to be integrated into our users dashboards. In the event you do not have a wallet, you will be able to generate one easily in-site.

Please note, FUZ is an SPL token (Solana Blockchain) and will be listed on a number of DEX’s. These listings will come together with the listing on a main CEX. The market making will be made on the main CEX and tokens will be limited to only those earned via the Q&A and Playathon platform. We do not provide airdrops.

The registration and referral bonus period is coming to a close. Once the timer closes, the referral and registration bonus will be reduced to 0.1 FUZ only. At the moment it is still set at 1 FUZ.

The play to earn site is operational in beta mode. It currently only works well with desktop/laptop devices. The module works and all 3 games are fully functional. To play, there must be at least two people online wanting to play. Selection of players is random and set by the system. We will be adding more games over time.



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