Fuzzy.One-Update 2/9/21

3 min readSep 2, 2021


The much anticipated update, the silence before the storm, the tremors before the earthquake and the rumbling before the empty stomach gets filled.

Q&A Module

We have nearly completed the Q&A module, we anticipate uploading it beginning of next week. We will beta test it with our community, and debug over a period of a month. We will be paying FUZ for all answers as per our business model, and we will adjust the system based on our community feedback. Please note, to get “pinged” for a question that needs answering you will have to fill in your work and education experience as well as country experience too. The more information you put in your profile, the more questions you will be asked to answer.

Play to Earn (Playathon)

Our Playathon (Play to Earn) module is also being completed this week, we already have two games on it, and we will upload it with these games for a full beta test too. We will continue to add games every month. This will be integrated over the weekend and then next week we will perform a major design change before releasing for the beta test in our community. During the beta stage we will open up the site in competition mode, and the payouts will be in FUZ. Everyone that plays at least 10 games during the competition countdown time will earn FUZ. (Doesn’t matter if you win or lose)


We have blueprinted our wallet and swap requirements. We are starting to build the first iteration of our onsite wallet for Solana blockchain, and following this we will add the first iteration swap page. The wallet is a simplification of what many find to be complex. We will have two options in the Tokens tab: 1) Do you have a wallet Yes/No, if yes, then you copy paste your wallet address and the chain it is on (Solana, BSC, ERC20, Polygon etc). or 2) If no, then our system will automatically generate a Solana wallet for the user, this is our main wallet and chain.


The Swap app will also provide to models; 1) A simple p2p swap, where you go in and offer FUZ for whatever you want. and 2) A buyback swap, where you come to us, Fuzzy.One and ask us to convert your FUZ into USDT. This is only open to people who answer questions. So if you don’t answer any questions this option will be locked.

Private Sale

We are in the middle of our Private Sale and we urge everyone that is interested in investing in Fuzzy.One to come forward now. We are selling FUZ at a rate of $2.5 each, and on listing we will go into the market at $5. Our current tokenomics shows that our airdrop and referral plan will reach 2.5% total market cap, whilst we are planning on releasing a combined 10% in a private and public sale. The total release will not be more that 12.5%. The airdrop and initial referral FUZ will be locked for 30 days after listing, as we do not intend to allow a “dump” to occur. Also, we are budgeting for a 50% dump or 1.25% of market cap, which we have planned on buying back, thereby reducing the bear pressure and forcing a positive vacuum. This will then coincide with our cyclic marketing model and create a continuous bullish market.

SO…if you are serious and want to go beyond the moon, contact us now at admin@fuzzy.one and let’s add you to our list of investors. The private sale closes in 27 days!




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