Fuzzy.One-This will Upset a Few, Anger Some and we don’t care!

4 min readNov 1, 2021


We are constantly barraged by subscribers offering advice on how to list, how to manage projects and how to proceed. We are thankful and grateful to all our supporters that provide exceptional advice. Yet, in some rain clouds are pockets of sand and that gives us mud.

OK, so what are we going on about?

We are talking about the subscribers that have no interest in the project, no interest in Fuzzy.One. The subscribers that only came in for the free registration and referral tokens. Including the older subscribers that came in on a previous iteration airdrop and are just seeking to dump their tokens. Worse than this is that they have not invested a single penny on buying a token, and yet they feel “entitled” to moan about the speed at which we are progressing.

If you are a sensitive woke person, stop reading now or you will get upset.

So, here is our message that will annoy you all, and we are glad it annoys you.

  1. We are a long term project with a 2,5 and 10 year plan seeking to make a significant change in how the world manages income for low-income earners by enabling everyone to “cash in” on their knowledge and experience. This is called Return on Knowledge.
  2. We are a comprehensive project seeking to reach out across the language barriers of the internet and provide access to every language speaker. We wish to build a global community, the worlds most comprehensive library of questions and answers at its core. This demands we reach out to enable every question and answer be enabled in everyone's language. At the moment we have 40 languages, and this means, we have the equivalent of 40 language specific sites up and running simultaneously.
  3. We are a web and blockchain hybrid project that aims to connect the non-crypto world with the wonderful new digital aged liquidity asset called cryptocurrency.
  4. We believe in sharing in our wealth so we created a play to earn platform titled “Playathon” where we provide extra income in a recreational way.
  5. We use vision to forecast future trends and have a list of exceptionally intriguing technological concepts that will be reviewed for future development and integration into our platform.
  6. We are a community that aims to build a continuous upwards market value with stability and tokenomics that support a long term plan.
  7. We are not a standard project, we are not a gaming site, not an exchange, not a financial clearing system or a smart contract processor. We are an information platform with multiple tiers of complexity that require cyber secure tuning and accurate interactivity. We are a social media platform and an e-commerce platform. Our “basket” of services includes our core Q&A module which will be supported by a full stack dashboard interface enabling our subscribers to manage their income as well as control and review their information sharing activities. Apart from the Q&A platform we are building an article modules, an e-commerce module, a chat and group chat module, a cross chain defi module and a complex fuzzy logic algorithm to help manage all the various data sets.

What we wont do

We will not reply (respond) to users that constantly “decide” what is good for us. Demanding we “list” only for their immediate benefit.

We will ignore users that have no idea about project management and only demand attention for their own small selfish gains.

What we will do

We will continue to publish our updates here in Medium, as well as in Linkedin, Facebook (Meta), Reddit and Telegram. If you do not bother to read these updates and like them then do not expect us to read your messages and like you.

We are a community, but communities, like families, needs love and attention. It is not a one way street. If you show us love we will love you back, but if you show us disdain we will ignore you.

We will reply to serious questions, to constructive thoughts, to subscribers that have actually invested in our project either by buying tokens or by participating in the Q&A module by asking and/or answering questions.

We will continue to beta test our module and improve its functionality to ensure the solidity of our tokenomic model.

We will continue to reach out to list our token via an initial offering on a major exchange, at the moment we are focusing on Gate.io

We will continue to develop at the speed we are developing at, and will hopefully increase this speed once we complete further fund raising to finance the development and marketing of our project.

Closing Remarks

If you are upset that we disregard your desires to cash out immediately, please know this is not intentional. We want everyone to earn extra income. To do this we need to ensure a sustainable and perpetual economic model at the core of the project. This model is a hybrid of economics and tokenomics that seeks to share the income with our community and not take from our community any income for any aspect or service. To do this, we need to factor in multiple streams of income via advertising and coin market value.

To sum up, if you are only interested in cashing out that single FUZ token you earned when you registered, or if you are one of the multiple scammers that signed up using different subscription information just to get more tokens, and have no interest in our project, then please know, that we have no interest in you! and we will disregard your concerns while we focus on our loyal subscribers who seek to enhance and improve their lives by sharing information and earning income from the return on knowledge core.




MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform