Fuzzy.One-The Referral Link Challenge

It’s on, the challenge has been set!

We are now doing something absolutely crazy!

We opened up our referral system to a 5 levels. This means that everyone that you refer, and everyone that they refer, and everyone that they refer all the way down to the fifth level will be counted as a referral in your tally.

We are going to offer the referrer who has accumulated the most referrals within the countdown timer limit a special bonus prize.

Also, everyone that has accumulated over 100,000 referrals will get a special bonus prize.

For the individual with the most accumulated referrals (5 levels deep) — $1,000 + 100 FUZ (total value $1,500)

For everyone that has accumulated 100,000 referrals within their matrix, will get 100 FUZ (value $500)

A super special bonus to the individual whose accumulated total is above 1 (one) million — $10,000 + 1,000 FUZ (total value ($15,000)

We will only accept real registrations, if we find any fake registrations we will ban the entire matrix! So make sure all your group adhere to the strict rules of engagement. NO FAKE REGISTRATIONS!

We will pay out the super special + the special if the leader has more than a million referrers.



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