Fuzzy.One-The Private Sale is on!


🥁*Drumrolls please* 🥁

Gear up as today our much anticipated Private Sale goes live at📍 1 PM UTC📍

Let’s recapitulate all our project offerings:

💎An information sharing platform, currently functional in 40+languages, is looking to raise funds via private round.


Rewarding system:

💎 The platform rewards its users via cryptocurrency for answering questions (quora-style) and writing articles (wikipedia-style).

💎 Interesting activities and events such as NFTs and Playathon.

💎 It already has 30,000+ users presently and the same is expected to cross 100,000+ in a couple of months.

💎 The business model is powered with a Solana token and a BSC token for larger accessibility.

💎 Presently, the project is rewarding users for early registration and referrals.

US Citizens not allowed to participate.
-Investments of less than $100,000 would be considered under the private round (priced at $2.8)whereas, investments of more than $100,000 would be considered under seed round (priced at $2.5)

Please note that participation in the sale from Friday-Monday guarantees allocation.

The KYC process is only for investors that are willing to invest more than $100K.

🔔Time Sale starts from Friday 1 PM UTC till Monday 1 PM UTC.


— Keep private deals fully confidential.

-Everyone MUST join this group to participate. You cannot leave the group after filling up the form.

-If you want your friends to participate, INVITE them to the group.

-They MUST join the group and then, fill up the form.
-Wallet compatibility Solana or BSC

👉 We will circulate a form and everyone who is interested will have to fill a form with KYC verification.

👉 For KYC process, keep your funds, address proof, selfie, national identity card/passport READY. (Applicable only if investment > $100,000)

🔥Get your funds ready 🔥 🚀Hop on before it gets too late🚀




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