Fuzzy.One-The New Payout Model

We have been working diligently with out community and improving our site functionality and tokenomics model and we have come up with the following new Q&A functionality. This functionality will be developed and integrated over the next few weeks.

We have a comprehensive new system in development that includes the following logic: When someone answers, it requires two upvotes from independent moderators. A moderator is a community member that takes on the role of validating answers until our AI comes into place. The moderator will check the answers and approve the best ones.

There are two types of questions: The professional ones and the General Knowledge (GK) ones. The professional questions are where the moderators work, and they get paid 10% of the value of each answer they upvote. However, moderators are also reviewed, so that they don’t just upvote every answer. Only the first two moderator upvotes are paid for. So moderators are in a competitive market.

Moderators have to either upvote or downvote the first answer and work their way down the list of 5 answers. If an higher level question is downvoted twice, it is no longer viable for payment, and the answer immediately under it will take the first space.

Questions that have only one possible answer will only pay out to the first person that answers it. The remaining 4 answers will be ignored. The moderators will check a specific “binary question” box, signifying hat the question can only have one answer, and therefore only the first validated answer will be upvoted and paid.

The GK questions and the Academic questions only pay out 10% of the professional questions. The actual payout gives the first answer 100% value, the second 75% and the third gets only 75% of the second…and so on down to the fifth answer.

Here is the new payout system we are devising:
Question Type Payout

By Location with Subject Area and Specialty with Meta Tags $5.00
By Location w/o Subject Area with Meta Tags $3.00
By Subject Area w/o Location with Meta Tags $3.00
By Location w/o Subject Area w/o Meta Tags $2.00
By Subject Area w/o Location w/o Meta Tags $2.00
General Knowledge or No Subject Area $0.50
Academic Questions (Not mathematical) $0.50

We are banning mathematical questions.

A moderator will go to very answer and review it and upvote it. It requires two random moderators to upvote and answer for the answer to be approved for payment. The first answer approved gets the first level payout, etc. The payout to moderators is 10% of the answer payout to the subscriber. Moderators cannot upvote a lower answer before the upper one is validated first. If two moderators downvote a higher answer, the answer immediately under it will be the new first place answer if it is upvoted twice.

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