Fuzzy.One — The New Economic Model

The current concepts of business demand that someone gets a lot of money, whilst others part with their money. The rich get richer and the poor stay where they are. Capitalism does allow for aggressive minded individuals to increase their wealth, but it does leave behind the less aggressive mindsets. Note that I do not state “strong” or “weak” since these are not true when discussing mindset issues around a specific topic such as wealth. This means that an aggressive person is not a stronger person.

Now to the core of the new model. The model we believe will change the world.

We, the founders and the executives do not need billions of dollars of personal wealth. We do not need to accumulate wealth that goes beyond what we would need for a stable living condition. All we desire is to have enough capital to not live in debt, to have enough savings that will ensure a healthy and hopefully long life with comfort and ease. We also want this for all our community members.

The only way we believe that we can ensure all our community and our employees may earn a good income is by spreading the wealth equally amongst everyone. However, this is easy on paper, harder in life. Socialism is a hard concept to deliver when it is competing with other economic models.

So we decided to create a sharing or community sharing model where all the income generated by our project is split in a way that ensures everyone earns based on their input and interaction with our system.

Fuzzy.One provides a platform for everyone to share information and we share the wealth by paying everyone for sharing.

We provide activity-based income for community members for posting questions and answers and competing in the online game competitions (not gambling, this is a one on one game competition site for everyone and every age. The games will include chess, checkers (draughts), 9-man's-morris, tic-tac-toe and backgammon. Everyone will receive a payment for playing, the higher the score the more the payout in USD ($) as well as in FUZ.

The Q&A payouts are in FUZ tokens, which is a cryptocurrency that acts as an intermediary for immediate liquidity and can be exchanged immediately for fiat (USD/EUR) or maybe saved with interest or traded on exchanges.

There are two sources of income;

  1. Advertising, where advertisers will pay a very small fee for posting a Q&A set. This is the only advertising we will allow. 30% of the income from advertising will be channelled to the games competition payouts and to the direct exchange of the FUZ tokens we provide as an in house service to our community information contributors. Our referral model also gives everyone in our community a chance to earn income from advertising by referring business owners to post Q&A’s on our platform. We pay a 5% monthly referral amount. This means that if a community member referred a company that advertises through our platform, the referrer will receive 5% of that income every month for as long as the advertiser continues to advertise. This encapsulates our cyclic model, a total of 35% of all our income is channelled back into our community.
  2. The market value of FUZ will provide additional liquidity as a relation to value versus utilisation. In other words, the more valuable the token, the fewer tokens we payout to maintain a constant flow of tokens based on a USD/EUR value. For instance, answering a question will pay out between $5 to $20. This is translated into the market value of FUZ. So if the market value of FUZ is $5, a payout of 1 FUZ will be delivered. If the value goes up to $500, then a payout of 0.001 FUZ will be provided.

One of the biggest issues with any social community-driven project is liquidity. Do we have the funds to provide the shared income? Obviously, the answer was no, but, there is one big difference between today and 10 years ago. Today we have blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency object (token) is an excellent intermediary form of liquidity. It provides a method for delivering payment where there is a lack of immediate fiat liquidity. The value of the token is a market conceptualised value, and this value is controlled by the market. The big difference between a bi-polar currency rate and a stable rate is the size of the market and the relationship between the token pairs. We decided to go for stability, and we will only pair FUZ (our token) with USDT or BUSD. Thereby we remove the instability from bad pairing and focus the tokenomics on market trading volume and perceived value.

We pay our community information contributors for posting questions and answers.

We pay our community competition players for competing.

We transfer 30% of all income received from advertising directly into competition payouts and to purchase FUZ from our community information contributors.

We pay a monthly 5% referral commission (based on the monthly advertiser income) for community members that refer an advertiser.

We continue to grow our community and market to provide a stable and ever-increasing token value and provide a fractional FUZ referral payout for community members that refer new registrants to our community.

We aim to provide everyone that has knowledge and experience with income from sharing their knowledge and experience through our Q&A Platform. If we can provide a billion people with an additional source of income, where all they need to do is answer questions, then we have broken the economic divide barrier that exists today. We also intend to change the marketing model that is rampant in the world today, where millions of dollars are paid to marketing companies for selling “space” and an “image” and a “message” all competing against a cacophony of other spaces, images and messages. How do we do this? We created the competition platform where individuals may play simple easy to play games and spread the “marketing budget” as prize money and also use the income from our advertisers to add more payout money as well as enable us to exchange tokens for fiat in a quick and timely manner.

The bottom line is this: We want to reach 80% of the world's population to give them a chance to earn extra income by sharing the wealth we generate. It's better to pay out thousands of people $1,000 a month than to spend the accumulated amount on wasteful marketing, where the ROI is significantly lower than with our new playathon model.



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