Fuzzy.One — The Hype

8 min readMay 30, 2021

We have some amazing updates for you, but the real update is not a cherry on the top of the icing, it's a whole orchard of cherries on a mountain of ice cream.

Let’s start off with the basics, here's a quick update of what is about to come online over the next few months, sort of a recap of the timeline but with more detail.

(For the impatient — go to the bottom of the article for the truly Awesome news)

Registration and Profile Page

We are working on completing a comprehensive registration process for subscribers/contributors and Advertisers. The registration process will ask questions related to your education and professional knowledge and your work experience. This is to filter out all the irrelevant questions that require answering and focus you to answer questions that match your skillset.

The profile page is where you will be able to update any or all of your registration details as well as link you to your social media platforms and provides you with additional fields to properly enhance your online presence. It also provides you with a dashboard of all your activities on site.

FUZ Token Page

The FUZ token page is an extension of your profile page and here you will find all the details about your FUZ tokens. How many you earned, how many you saved and how many you transferred. This is your site wallet, it is an internal wallet that gives you full control over where and when you transfer your holdings out of the site.

Chat and Group Chat Page

The Chat and Group Chat page is another extension of your personal page. Here you will be able to get onto 1:1 chats or open up a group chat as well as ask to join other group chats or be invited to group chats.

Q&A Module

This is the heart of the system. This is where you can ask questions. If the question has been asked before and has answers, you will be able to view the answer. Select the answer that best provides you with your needs and even rate the answers. If your question is unique, your question will be posted and await for someone to answer it.

Asking a question is a quick process, and this process flow is designed to improve the accuracy and reach of your question. You will select whether it is a Global, National or Local (City) question. You will select the type of question — What, Where, When, Why, Who and How. Then you will ask the question and finally, you will select the urgency of your question.

You will receive 0.001 FUZ per question asked, if the question is approved. We do not approve all questions, such as weather questions or simple maths questions or questions designed to only make income but have no reason to be asked. This is how we combat scammers, we have a built-in question review process.

Once your question has been posted, all subscribers that live within the location of the question will receive a “ping” and they will be allowed to answer it based on their relevant experience.

Answering questions within the urgent time frame gives a 3x bonus.

You cannot answer your own questions. Only advertisers pay for asking and answering their own questions as a standard for online advertising.

Personal Blog (Professional Article) Page

You will all get a personal blog page as an extension of your profile page and this will enable you to write articles that will be included in the search engine results. The articles should only be solution/professional articles. Articles will be reviewed for compatibility with the library.

All articles that are accepted will pay the user in FUZ tokens.

FUZ Wallet

We are building our own SPL based wallet system, much like Sollet.io. Where all user will be able to open their own FUZ wallets but use them for their other token holding requirements, such as SOL and other SPL currencies. The FUZ wallet will be linked to the FUZ token page of your personal profile and you will be able to automatically transfer any or all of your holdings out of the site wallet and into the FUZ wallet.


We are adding a lot of cool earning features and these will include fixed and flexible saving options, staking, liquidity pools, farming and more. Most of the DeFi will be managed in the site wallet, whilst a few will require you to transfer tokens to your FUZ wallet as these activities occur on the Solana blockchain.

Fuzzy Mall

We are planning on building an amazing mall system where users can trade with each other. It's a natural step from the chat and group chat to move over to trading. If you are already chatting, why not make some money selling and buying stuff using your FUZ as payment, or using the payment gateway to add more payment options.

Fuzzy Payment Gateway (FPG)

The FPG will act as a bridge where you can link to any online shop on the web. Make a purchase and pay using the FPG to pay in any Fiat currency. So if you have a lot of FUZ or any other cryptocurrency that we support and don't want to go through the hassle of exchanging it to fiat (USD, EUR etc). You can use our FPG and this will automatically pay the shopping basket whilst it deducts the FUZ or other token you provide to make the payment.

The Mobile App

The world is not just on a computer or tablet, its on a mobile phone, a smartphone. So we are preparing to build a comprehensive app that gives you full control over all aspects of the site. You get your registration and profile page. Your FUZ token page and FUZ Wallet as well as access to the DeFi.

Most important is you get easy access to the Q&A module where you can ask and answer questions in seconds and process your payouts directly without intermediaries


This is not all, the site will be in 40 languages and we will be adding more and more features over time.

…and now for the Cherry…

The Fuzzy.One online playathon competition

Who needs airdrops, who needs free tokens when you can play easy to play games to win real money, real cash, and up to $25,000!!!

We decided that instead of spending thousands of dollars on marketing we would just give this money to you! After all, the best result is a happy customer and the best way to make you happy is not to blast you with adverts and marketing campaigns…but to give a piece of the money that would be spent on marketing campaigns.

Play easy to play games such as checkers, backgammon, tic-tac-toe, 9 man morris and more. A game for everyone and all ages.

Question: What's the fastest and best way to get a million users in under a month?


a) Pay $500,000 to marketing companies

b) Pay 150,000 to online news sites and social media marketing companies?

c) Both of the above?

d) None of the above: Instead, give out $65,000 in prizes, add a budget of $20,000 for online social media viral networking marketers and then repeat this for three months so you reach 30 million users and not just 1 million!

Why is it the best way?

It’s the best way because it allows us to share our wealth with our community! and it allows us to put the saved money back into development to improve our User Experience (UX).

Sharing the wealth

What's the deal?

WIN up to $25,000 by competing, no fees, no hidden costs, just register to the site for free, press the “I want to compete” button and get ready to play!

All payouts made within 48 hours of the win.

We will provide you with an online game such as Checkers, Backgammon…etc.

We are selecting 3 games that everyone can play, so if you don’t succeed in one you might in the other. Everyone has an equal chance at winning and can even win in every competition.

Payouts made in every competition to all players even irrespective of the players performance. All payouts of the main winning prizes (The top 16 prizes) are paid out in real $$$ USD or in crypto USDT you decide.

To compete must register for free on-site (fuzzy.one) and then press the button to “sign-up to play” for free (play.fuzzy.one) up to 48 hours before the start of the competition. There will be a 30 day signup to allow people to register to play. There will be a countdown clock showing when the game begins and once the game begins it is locked. No new entrants after the games begin.

There will be 3 competitions, all paying out the same value prize, month after month for 3 months.

Total value of all prizes: $196,500 + 41,832 FUZ. (Estimated FUZ based on 1 million players)

All registrants must either have or open up a FUZ wallet (SPL wallet).

Round One Play (3 days)

Everyone must play and win as many games as possible within 6 days. After the 3rd day is up, the system stops and calculates the scores. Win=2, Draw=1, Loss=0.

· You cannot play the same player twice.

· Round 1 pays out only 0.01 FUZ per player (all players receive at the end of the round)

· The top 2,000 go through to round 2.

Round two Play (3 days)

The same as round one, but with 2,000 players only.

· You cannot play the same player twice.

· Round 2 pays our 1 FUZ per player.

· Only the top 500 go through to round 3.

Round three Play (3 days)

As in round two but only 3 days and with 500 players only.

· You cannot play the same player twice.

· Round 3 pays our 2 FUZ per player.

· Only the top 80 go through to round 4.

Round four Play (3 days)

The same as round three but with 80 players only.

· You cannot play the same player twice.

· Round 4 pays our 3 FUZ per player.

· Only the top 16 go through to round 5.

Round 5 Play (3 days)

16 players play 92 games, where they each play one game against everyone else in the group.

· To be completed in 3 days

· Only the top 8 go through to the Quarter Finals

· Round 5 pays $1,000 to the losing 8 players, and 10 FUZ to all players

Quarter-Finals (2 days)

8 players play 28 games, where they each play one game against everyone else in the group.

· To be completed in 2 days

· Only the top 4 go through to the Semi Finals

· The Quarter Finals pays $2,500 to the losing 4 players and 20 FUZ to all players.

Semi Finals & Finals (1 day)

Pairing off, one game for two individuals. The losing player's playoff for 4th and 3rd place. The winners enter the finals. To be completed in 1 day.

1st Place pays $25,000, 2nd Place pays $10,000, 3rd Place pays $7,500, 4th Place pays $5,000

All four players receive 100 FUZ




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