Fuzzy.One — The Ultimate Disruptive Difference

Why we are different

The same is true for business and marketing. Everyone wants to thrive, but everyone is stuck in the same marketplace, trying to reach out and bring in many new clients whilst retaining the old. 20th-century marketing was excellent for the period it was created, but 21st-century marketing has to evolve due to the internet and information explosion.

Today, companies are still marketing through standard channels; they want to show off their wares and be in the minds of the marketplace. This is important, it cannot be replaced, but it is not the only method to reach out to clients. Viral marketing is one of the new age methods that use various technologies to reach millions of new users through referral networking over social media.

The difference between standard marketing and viral marketing is only the method of delivery. The message remains the same. Companies continue to pay for marketing without actually investing in their clients.

Coupons, discounts, trade-ins, trade-offs are all old school methods for selling wares and services. They do not give the clients an added benefit; they have calculated investments in sales to pull in more clients through the standard delivery methods.

Why is the Fuzzy.One method different?

Fuzzy.One believes in spreading the wealth and in improving the income status of its community. Fuzzy.One doesn't have clients; it has a community of subscribers that generate their own income through the Fuzzy.One platform. With this, we added a new marketing model and a new advertising model.

The Fuzzy.One Marketing Model

The top 500 players all earn prizes in US$ and also get FUZ tokens. Even if there are 100 million of them, all competitors will earn FUZ tokens in the competition. However, the top 500 competitors get paid in both FUZ and USD$.

Imagine you are one of the top 65 people that takes home $1,000 every month! or one of the top 450 people that takes home $100.

This is only the start because the prize money will grow every month as it is fed by the advertising model…which is not what you think.

The Fuzzy.One Model Vision

We want to share the wealth because the more income we generate, the more income we can give to our community, and the bigger we can all get.

At the end of the day, we don't need billions; all we need is an income that allows us to live, save and enjoy life. So we believe that a community that earns income, that enjoys life will be a truly happy community. So together, we will overcome the current stagnant marketing models and open up to a new, vibrant, fresh, modern and evolved model that destroys capitalism, undoes poverty blocks and provides income to everyone that joins our community.

Fuzzy.One Marketing is a Disruptive Model



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