Fuzzy.One-The Big Wait

Information Sharing

  1. Q&A with validated answers, pays out to everyone with a validated answer.
  2. Subscribers can also become validators who get paid for validating answers.
  3. Blogs (Articles) can also be written for which the writer gets paid.


  1. Mall with “shop windows” for selling services and products (0.25% fee for every transaction).
  2. Listing pages for selling and trading in secondhand products. (0.25% fee for every transaction).

Financial Services

  1. Hodling, flexible earnings, fixed earnings, liquidity pools, lending, swap and futures.
  2. Token Transfer (Gifting Page) that enables subscribers to transfer tokens between one another. (0.25% fee for every transaction)

Social Media




  1. Referring a subscriber pays in FUZ.
  2. Referring an Advertiser pays 10% of the advertising income in USD$ for as long as the advertiser continues to advertise.



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