Fuzzy.One: The Big Misleading Defamation of Crypto-Mining Exposed.

Recently, we have all been exposed to articles around global warming, fossil fuels and how crypto mining is the big contributor to the end of the world.


Crypto mining has nothing to do with global warming, global warming has everything to do with how energy is created. It's down to the production of electricity not the use of it.

Crypto miners use electricity that is produced by governments and companies that use fossil fuels to generate and distribute the power. If the power generated and distributed were to be created by a green method such as solar, geothermal, wind etc…then the use of the energy by crypto miners would have no effect on anything.

The reason why we are being bombarded with misleading information is another approach by the various governments and financial institutions to defame crypto mining in the hopes that people will shun the concept and crypto scene.

Well hold on everyone, let's put the pieces together and provide the TRUE PICTURE.

The only way to stop global warming and reduce the carbon imprint is to stop generating and distributing energy using fossil fuels! It's as simple as that!



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