Fuzzy.One-The Amazing Update

1 min readSep 26, 2021


Just when you thought it was great, it became brilliant!

Our latest results from the live beta testing have given birth to multiple new integrations, all coming from our online community. All these items will be integrated over then next week.

  1. We are adding a “Student” and “Tutor” checkbox in the registration page. Only students and tutors can answer Student’s questions and only Students can answer Tutor’s questions.
  2. We are changing the x factor due to economic and tokenomic demands and concerns. From now one the X factor for answers are: Extreme = x1.5, Urgent=x1.4, Fast=x1.3, Medium=x1.2, normal =1
  3. We are adding a notification to anyone that asked a question the moment an answer has been provided.
  4. We are enabling Questions to select up to 3 countries.
  5. We are changing the Question Logo UX from first name and family name to username, so from now on, only a username will be visible.
  6. We are removing copy paste option. You cannot copy from Google and paste it, nor can you copy from another answer and paste it.

More wonderful updates to follow, keep on testing the Q&A module and offering upgrades and ideas to improve it.




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