Fuzzy.One Thanks to our Community

Today, May 17th, 2021 we opened up our new website and are preparing to undertake a very intensive development timeline that will lead us to our marketing timeline.

Our new site is at https://fuzzy.one and it is written in open source through our GitHub repo https://github.com/FuzzyOneFlex. We are creating a new token on the Solana blockchain and will be developing some interesting new dApps to complement our projects requirements.

You can view our timeline and the attachment on the site and we invite anyone and everyone interested in our project to join in and help us deliver an exciting new borderless, language-barrierless experience that will change the way we all communicate with one another over the web.

We also deliver a special Thank you to all our community that helped us to create this exciting project. We have had to overcome many hardships and obstacles along the way, but every such instance only taught us how to adapt and overcome and evolve.

We thank all our critics too, without you we would not be challenged to think, and living within our own complacency is what destroys projects. We hope you will continue to challenge us so we may continue to learn, adapt, overcome and evolve.



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