Fuzzy.One-Special Bonus for Referrals

1 min readAug 12, 2021


We want out community to grow exponentially and to do so we need to provide an incentive to all our community members, new and old.

We are offering a bonus to anyone or a group of people (a combined effort) within a 3 week deadline:

If you refer 100,000 new (Real not Fake) subscribers — $250

If you refer 500,000 new (Real not Fake) subscribers — $500

If you refer 1,000,000 new (Real not Fake) subscribers — $1,000

We provide a 5% deviation, so from 95,000 or from 475,000 and from 950,000 also counts as a success for the bonus prize.

If you beat the 3 week deadline (before 5 September 2021) you get an extra surprise bonus.

If you work as a group, we will count all the referrals amassed by everyone in the group. All group members will receive an equal split amount of the prize money. (Example: if 4 people work and reach 98,000 they will each receive $62.5 which is 1/4th of $250.)

This special bonus is only valid till the 5th September 2021.

Please note — you now have a referral link in your profile page, you can use this to refer new subscribers.




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