Fuzzy.One Some Exciting Updates

2 min readMay 19, 2021

Its been a busy week with the Solana Hackathon on one side and our development team on the other side working on both the web and the blockchain projects.

The excitement is around the blockchain apps we are working on, and here are some more details:

  1. We are going to API to Sollet which will be our go-to wallet app.
  2. We are building a Multi-signature app for SPL tokens so that multiple users can create a safe environment that requires Multi-signatures for transferring tokens.
  3. We are building a swap platform we call “Fuzwap”, this is where our community can exchange or sell their tokens within the community.
  4. We are building multiple defi applications for generating earning, including the standard fixed and non-fixed staking, as well as liquidity pools and escrow lending.
  5. We are building a clearinghouse app for our Mall which will also be used to facilitate online trading and transfers.

These dApps have been placed within our timeline and over the next few months we will introduce them one at a time, test them with our community, debug, improve the UX and continue to develop and evolve.

The most exciting thing is that this is all open-source, we use our github repo for collaborative development and invite our community to participate in the building and improving of the community services.




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