Fuzzy.One-Security Update

Due to scammers trying to open up multiple accounts on the site, we have initiated some updates to change the registration process and in the future, for enabling withdrawal of funds we will introduce 2FA.

Here are the current changes that will be introduced within the coming week:

  1. Blacklist Filter — we will add a blacklist filter of domains that we do not accept as e-mail domains for registration.
  2. SMS code — we will change the e-mail code over to an SMS code, where a unique mobile number is required per registrant. This will counter the scammers that try to register using fake email accounts from approved domain names.
  3. ID upload — Once the site is fully operational we will request from every subscriber that wishes to withdraw funds, to provide an ID with their selfie. This will ensure that every account is accounted for and everyone using the system is real.



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