Fuzzy.One: Return on Knowledge (RoK)

Fuzzy.One has adopted the phrase “Return on Knowledge” (RoK), and we have been asked by the community what does RoK stand for? What is the core of the concept?

Return on Knowledge (RoK)

RoK came about after many years of working alongside families where both parents have to hold down two or more jobs each. The case scenario is not unfamiliar to many that do not live in 1st world countries. Take whole continents such as Africa, Asia and half the continent of America (the central and southern half), and you find billions of people living under the poverty line, not being able to afford even the most basic amenities in life. There are layers of poverty, from the families that live in boxes alongside the roads in Mumbai to the families that live in squatter rentals alongside the rails of Manila or the families that live in dusty sheet metal housing in the outskirts of Mombasa. Then you have the next level of underpaid families that live in small homes in the countrysides or living in small rooms in a city. Let's move up to the next level of families living in government-aided housing or in old housing. We can continue to go up the ladder of income until we reach families with a mortgage to pay off their apartment or house and work multiple jobs to pay off the debt and pay for their children's education.

There are certain levels of income and poverty that do not allow the individual or family the opportunity to save up. Their income level manages to pay for the most basic levels of survival, and these families must focus their priorities into two main streams: the sustenance of the family, education for the children with the hope that the children will advance out of the income line that the family is stuck within.

No matter what income level you are in, there is one treasure that everyone has that has nothing to do with ownership of property, income levels, assets and even dreams.

This amazing treasure that everyone has is their knowledge accumulated through their life experience, their professional, academic and work experience.

Every day, everywhere, people are asking questions.

The internet has opened up a communications portal that enables people, even living in the same city, to be in contact and discuss and share information.

Everyone deserves to enjoy a return on their knowledge. Being paid for giving advice is not limited to any specific sector. You will find that most sectors have either paid for consultations (advice and representation) to paid-for services. This is a standard of the worlds economic basis; it is being paid for the years of studying and application, which eventually adds up to experience. A lawyer, physician, architect, plumber, pilot. All of these professions started as students, became interns, grew to partners or officers or specialists and eventually ended up as pensioners. Yet, everyone has one thing in common, they have their life experience and professional experience for people with no formal education, to those with more than one doctoral degree.

With all this knowledge (over 6 billion different experienced people), it is a shame that we are not being paid for our knowledge irrespective of our status in life.

You can be a single mum, a professional in an office, an executive, a farm labourer in the fields, a pensioner, or an active Pilot, seaman, Judge, electrician, truck driver, freight forwarder, painter and debt collector. Whatever your role or roles in life, you have gained experience and knowledge.

Your knowledge is the treasure of life. Your knowledge and how you transfer it is your greatest gift.

Out of billions of people, most are not passing on their knowledge

This is not due to laziness or selfishness; it is just the way the world works today. Apart from teachers and trainers, most people solve issues daily without even realising it and go about their day, too busy with work and thoughts of making ends meet.

RoK is the new economic model that strips away the economic divide that separates income levels and education, strips away language barriers and status. RoK gives everyone an equal chance to earn more income daily by answering other peoples issues using your knowledge based on your experiences in life and work.

RoK provides a daily income stream that anyone can access, and with only ten minutes a day, RoK exponentially increases their income.

Consider this visionary scenario:

100 million people around the world asking questions.

1 million people around the world answering questions and being paid for it.

Consider the financial impact of 1 million people earning over $1,000 a month just by sharing their knowledge and experience with others. (The figure $1,000 is based on answering 100 questions a month for $10 a question, at a rate of answering only 4 questions a day — expected time to spend on answering 4 questions would be around 40 minutes in total)

However, more so, imagine a world where 1 million people increase the global income status by $1 billion. (that's 1 million x $1,000)

The real impact is not just the direct income to the responders; it is an uncalculated income and saving provided to 100 million requestors seeking solutions to their problems. (answers to their questions)

RoK essentially aims to lift the world income and cost of living crisis by providing an incentive to share information and be paid for it.

At the same time, RoK will leverage the largest Q&A database, providing people with immediate answers. The database will grow exponentially over time as more and more people ask unique questions, and many responders provide different solutions.



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