Fuzzy.One- Q&A Debug Notes

What we have learned and are integrating so far:

  1. We will not allow people to answer questions if they are not matched to the question based on their registration and location. This is for what we call locational questions.
  2. We will not allow people to answer in a different language to the original question language, in other words, if the question is in Spanish, the answer must be either in Spanish or English only.
  3. We are implementing a bot that will check patterns of Q&A to see if someone has opened up multiple accounts and is asking and answering their own questions.
  4. For languages (more localization), we will force all questions to select their language. These questions will only appear on the language version of their site. In other words, if the language is Arabic, the questions will only appear on the Arabic version of the site.
  5. We are changing the payout model for answers. Instead of paying out the same amount for the first 10 answers, we are going to pay the first answer with the full amount, the second answer pays 10% less…and so on…every consecutive answer will pay 10% less than the one above it, so this incentivizes people to answer quickly.

We thank everyone for their feedback, keep on sending us feedback, we have another 30 days of beta testing and we will integrate all issues raised along the way.



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