Fuzzy.One — Playathon Update

Robert Kyosaki said “If you are going to be a winner in life, you have to constantly go beyond your best” and Venus Williams said “ You have to believe in yourself when no one else does — that makes you a winner right there.”

We believe that everyone should have a fair shot at winning. That’s why we created the worlds first and only platform that provides everyone with a chance to earn income from just using their knowledge and experience, the Return on Knowledge (ROK) principle and by sharing the wealth. We give all our community an equal chance to win every day, and earn every day, and hope to lead the way to breakdown the global economic divide.”

We are developing the Fuzzy Playathon platform where everyone is a winner. After kicking off the first sprint we had a long discussion around the participation pay-outs. We intend that everyone receives something for participating in the competition. However, we need to make sure that the payout budget is not exceeded so we came up with this payout solution:

  1. Payouts are set by the players standing; for instance: if you are in the top 20 places, you should receive $1,000 in USD. What happens when 50 players sit in the top 20 list, because they share the same final score? Well, we decided the only fair way was to calculate the total payout of the top 20 which is $20,000 and divide it equally amongst the players that win it.

The Playathon games will have a start date and time and a finish date and time. There will be a leaderboard that shows everyone's standing during the competition.

Players can only access the game site after registering to the main site and pressing the “compete in the Playathon” button.

Competitions will be played every month, once a month.

Please note, the payout table is subject to the amount of income we generate monthly from advertising income. Advertising income comes from companies that seek to advertise via our Q&A platform in Fuzzy.One. Users receive 10% commission fee for all monthly income, so if a user gets a company to advertise, that user will receive 10% of the income generated from the adverts on a monthly basis and for as long as the advertiser continues to advertise. 30% of the advertising income is placed into the Playathon vault. This means that we share 40% of all our income with our community! Now one else does this and it is our way of sharing the wealth.

For more information about our project, you may read all the announcements we provide in this channel.



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