Fuzzy.One-Playathon is Live in 6 days! 17-Oct-2021

Save the Date: 17 October 2021

Get ready for the first competition on Playathon. The play to earn site for Fuzzy.One

This is a beta-test of the site; our prizes are:

0–200 Rank: 20 FUZ (= $100) Top Ranking

201–400 Rank: 10 FUZ (= $50) Middle Ranking

401–1000 Rank 5 FUZ (= $25) Lower Ranking

1000–40000 Rank 0.1 FUZ (=$0.5) — Consolation prize for participation

The best way to win is to have as many players as possible, so go and register to Fuzzy.One today, you cannot enter the competition if you are not registered to Fuzzy.One.




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MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform

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