Fuzzy.One-Our Market Focus

After much deliberation we have decided to focus on three key markets:


Low Income Earners

Arabic Speakers

Let’s look at these markets:


The figures are not set in stone, but there are approx 200 million college students globally. Now, you might think this is only 200m, well you are wrong. Students are not orphans, they have families, they have friends, and they work to supplement their academic life. From the poorest to the richest, students affect 4x their numbers at a baseline minimum, which means 200m students = 1 billion people who can be attracted to Fuzzy.One.

This is why we are focusing on reaching out to students across every campus in every country around the world.

Imagine students asking online questions in their own language, questions about anything and everything and other students as well as professionals answering them and being paid $5 per answer. Now consider only 5% of the students in the world ask and answer questions at a rate of only 1 a day. This means we would have 10 million Q&A’s a day generating $5 million a day of extra income around the world to 10 million families. Now consider if they ask 3–4 questions a day and extrapolate this to 20% of the student body and now reach out to their siblings, parents, family, friends…(btw…this is what Facebook did to become what it is today).

To be succinct, we are focusing on Asia and Africa to start off with and will then move over to the Americas and Europe after we have built a significant community base.

Low Income Earners

Four billion low-income people, a majority of the world’s population,
constitute the base of the economic pyramid. [Source: IFC-World Bank]

Our main target market is the 4 billion market, where low income earners are suffering from poverty level exitance, in some cases extreme poverty where even online access is limited. We aim to reach out to as many low income earners who have access to the internet and provide them with extra income in the form of Return on Knowledge and Sharing our Wealth. This model provides everyone with a chance to earn extra income on a daily basis and improve their lives and their immediate economies by infusing their wallets with incomes that can surpass their basic monthly wages.

This market is vast, and as such, we are focusing on South East Asia, India and Africa as our kick of markets, after which we will expand globally.

Arabic Speakers (MENA and Asia)

There are approx. 466 million Arabic speakers in the world. This target market together with Urdu (100m), Pashto (40m), Farsi (110m). This is approx. 726 million. We have taken on a specialist based on MENA who will head our Arabic speaking community and combine his work with our social media group we have built up in India and Pakistan. By performing this pincer movement we aim to reach across most of Asia and MENA countries.

Imagine a community of Arabic speakers that have a go to information platform where they can ask and answer questions in their own language and dialects. Where they can earn extra income to supplement their harsh livelihoods in countries such as Pakistan, Egypt and Lebanon and many more.

Our aim is to provide extra income to everyone that lives within and under the poverty line around the world. Creating a new global online community that shares information and earns by helping one another.




MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform

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MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform

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