Fuzzy.One-Major Update

2 min readAug 9, 2021

It’s all about diversity and cross bridging technologies.

Fuzzy.One is excited to announce that we have created a second line of operations on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We are compounding our impact and power by working on two platforms: Solana (FUZ — SPL) and Binance (FUZ — BSC). The new chain includes a FUZ token built on BSC. This will allow our community a choice to select between payout in FUZ Solana or FUZ Binance. It also improves our liquidity and tradablity.

The new token was only just minted and it sits here: 0x6cBdd18B01Fb171Fe345e86dF55c8db39D291443

We believe that there are many amazing blockchain platforms, each one offering a “special power” that when combined with others, provides a comprehensive service that benefits all our community. Just like building a team of “Avengers” we are building a team of “Chains” that will work together and bridge all the technology borders. We don't believe that any individual chain is the “best” or is a “killer” we believe that all chains have something unique that when combined becomes a “Super Chain” which is what we aim for.

We are offering a choice to all our private investors during the private sale: You decide which chain you want to work with.

In regards to our community, when we open up FUZ to trading, you can decide which chain wallet you want to have your FUZ tokens transferred to.

We are constantly evolving and growing, and we intend to solidify our market coverage by adding new chains to bridge the divide and strengthen our community, empowering them with multiple choices to constantly improve their personal wealth.

Just note, that in the site wallet, your FUZ is unassociated, and can be converted to any chain you decide to work with.




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