Fuzzy.One — July 1 Update

We have uploaded the first iteration of our registration, login and user profile page. The pages will undergo some debugging over the next week and we will import all the 23,0500 members from our old site into the new one as well as adjust their token status to reflect their holdings in FUZ.

Please note, all registered members will be transferred with their username, email address and FUZ token status only. Once the process has been completed you will be able to enter your profile using your username and temporary password which will be sent to you by mail. There you will be able to enter and update your profile with the missing data required to enable full access to the future applications we provide in the site and apps.

After we tweak the registration process we will translate the site into 40 languages and then we begin developing the FUZ token management pages and start to outline the new ontological Q&A platform.

We are working in parallel on developing the Playathon platform and will maintain a weekly update for you on this.

Fuzzy.One is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform