Fuzzy.One — Introducing Christine, our new CMXO

2 min readJul 19, 2021


“It’s a beautiful day” sang Queen, and this song should become an international anthem. It’s about life, opening our eyes in the morning and waking up with a positive attitude. With all our hardships we have to wake up fighting!

We have to overcome our obstacles, and we can only do this when we are optimistic and positive.

Just read the words and realize, this is the morning prayer, these are the words that will lead you over obstacles.

It’s a beautiful day
The sun is shining
I feel good
And no-one’s gonna stop me now, oh yeah

It’s a beautiful day
I feel good, I feel right
And no-one, no-one’s gonna stop me now mama

Sometimes I feel so sad, so sad, so bad
But no-one’s gonna stop me now, no-one
It’s hopeless
So hopeless to even try

Fuzzy one felt sad and bad because we didn't have that extra zing we were looking for. That person with the right attitude, experience and knowledge base to taker us forward into the world.

A story is only as good as its teller. A picture is only as good as its painter, and a business is only as good as its team.

We were missing a key team member, we were incomplete.

…and then came Christine.

This is why we introduce to you the most amazing, powerful, intelligent, imaginative and determined Marketing and Experience Manager the world has ever seen.

Christine Koki Mulu

With Christine on our side; no-one’s gonna stop Fuzzy now, no-one.

Get ready to be amazed and astonished and get ready to surf the amazing Fuzzy Wave of success as we reach out across the world and touch the hearts of every hard working and all the people who find life hard and fight poverty. All of Africa, South America and most of Asia, over 5 billion people that are no earning enough, that are being kept trodden down under the feet of an ancient financial model aimed at creating poverty and aimed at exploiting.

Christine is our new Knight and Champion, together, with her amazing professionalism and determination, we will change the world. We will overcome, no-one’s gonna stop Fuzzy now, no-one!




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