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Imagine a world where there is only sharing and giving. Imagine a world in which everyone can live properly.

In a capitalist society, true happiness can never be achieved, as capitalism is about accumulating excessive personal wealth beyond what any individual may need.

In a shared society, everyone has access to enough wealth where there are richer and poorer, but the lines between the two become blurred as poor capitalists become comfortable and no longer starve and without medical care. There will always be richer and poorer, but there does not need to be impoverished poor.

Is this just imagination?

No, it is not impossible to reach a world where we eradicate poverty as we know it now. Surely, in a society where there is a scale of wealth, there will always be poor and rich, but if that scale is established where the poor have a home, have education, have sustenance and have access to health care, it is a better world than the one in which we have hungry and sick children and families who have no light. , water and basic health.

What can we do to achieve this?

We can join the world’s first real exchange community, a grant economy, where community members don’t need to own anything. All they need is their experience and knowledge. All they need is to be able to access the Internet and share their minds with others.

This is what Fuzzy.One is all about. We are the first true sharing and giving community in the world where we do not give charity, we provide a platform for everyone to earn equally by sharing their knowledge and experiences and to be paid to do so. We also added a corporate exchange policy where a large percentage of advertising revenue is channeled into payments to our community through a competition platform designed to provide easy income through light entertainment: playing chess, checkers, backgammon, tic-tac-toe and backscoake. We also give back through referral processing where members of our community can receive monthly revenue from advertisers, they refer to our community. Even advertisers are part of the listening and giving community, how? Simple; we only charge $1 per set of questions and answers they use to advertise regardless of the size of the community, whether they’re trying to reach a thousand users or 100 million users. The price remains the same and 35% of this revenue is shared with our community.

Imagine a company sharing more than a third of its revenue with its community?

Imagine 3 billion people around the world starving every day, who need to work in 3 jobs just to pay for a plate of rice for a family of four.

Now imagine that that same family is paid to answer questions and earn twice as much, even triple what they earned before, and be able to pay what they could only dream of.

This is what Fuzzy.One is all about!

We are the world’s first and only collaborative giving economy, and we intend to change the world one question and one answer at a time.

Why did we write this brief update?

We were asked why we came out with this idea now. Why didn’t it happen sooner?

1. Before there was no blockchain or cryptocurrency.

2. As a rule, companies are capitalist.

3. Giving and sharing is not necessarily charity, but not many know it and confuse the act of giving someone a chance at life or sharing wealth as charity when it is not.

4. Most people equate gig economies with the ownership of tangible assets, but overlook the most precious asset of all, the human mind.

5. It is difficult for many to understand the concept of paying for knowledge without paying for it. We don’t let members of our community pay anything, those who ask questions are also paid… so we paid both the applicant and the responder, something unheard of before we arrived.

6. Until now, marketing models did not include marketing by paying directly to the target. Instead, marketing models demand that we pay a marketing company and we expect the message we deliver to be understood and the brand to be accepted. We decided to take a different route. Instead of spending money on marketing and branding, we spend it on giving it to members of our community. This is also marketing, but it eliminates intermediate people. (We still need intermediaries to convey the initial message, but once it’s available, the community and its impact will be updated and grow exponentially or, as the term goes, virally.)



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