Fuzzy.One — I got life — Our Philosophy.

Nina Simone sang “I got Life” and this is true today even more than when she sang it. 80% of the world suffers from economic inequality. 70% of the worlds population live just above or near the poverty level and 10% live under the poverty level (extreme poverty) and its about time to break down the economic divide! The Fuzzy.One Way!

Fuzzy.One is not just another blockchain venture; its not just another information platform and its not just another start-up. Fuzzy.One is a revolution!

We present the Return on Knowledge (RoK) and Sharing the Wealth concepts at the core of our business model. Just as Nina sang about what the oppressed and poor don’t have. We cannot chose our parents, and we cannot chose how we are brought up. What we can chose as we grow older is how we overcome, adapt and succeed. We have our minds, we have our life experience and we have our work experience. Our greatest natural resource, our personal individual richness is our minds. We can use our minds to fight and defeat all obstacles in our life.

Fuzzy.One is about everyone. It’s about providing a helping hand, a platform that’s about destroying the economic divide as we know it. Raising the income level to a baseline that eradicates poverty.

Yes we can, together we can build a global community that destroys the current power holders rigid grip on income and spread the wealth so that we all take part of the global income.

Fuzzy.One is about changing the way the world shares its wealth and removes the obstacles that create poverty and hardship for 80% of the worlds population.

Fuzzy.One is evening the economic field, removing the obstacles that we face on a daily basis.

Its time to join the Fuzzy.One revolution, to take the first steps in changing the way the current world models balance wealth, and spreads out the wealth in a way that removes poverty as we know it today.

Everyone deserves a home, clean water, electricity and education. We need to remove starvation, we need to enable everyone access to education.

The only way we can do this is to restructure the way companies make profits by introducing a a new social model that spreads the wealth without damaging the companies profitability. At the same time, our model allows for the successful and hard working company owners to earn good income, get rich, but at the same time, spreads the wealth in away that removes poverty as we know it.

We believe the income earned by our team should be equalized, where the executives across to the secretaries earn closer related salaries, since everyone is key to success.

We believe that our shareholders should earn a decent profit, but at the same time our community and customers should earn equally too. Sharing the wealth is about creating income opportunities for all.

This ever increasing upwards spiral of income generates a strong and rich foundation on which the all levels grow stronger by empowering each and every level to improve their worth.

No longer should the underpaid (may poor) retirees need to suffer; their wealth of knowledge will repay them to help others. No longer do poor families earning under $100 a month need to despair, as they can earn much more from just sharing their knowledge and experience.

No longer should advertisers have to pay exorbitant fees just to be seen, they can now pay $1 per advert and reach the entire community they seek to reach. We also spread their income across our community. 40% of all income goes back into our community payouts.

It is your time, it is our time — to succeed together.



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