Fuzzy.One — Get Ready for the Big Push


This is a special thank you message to all our dedicated followers that have been with Fuzzy.One since it started out back in 2019.

We started out with a clear vision of what we thought was needed, after a year of project planning and initial building we ended up with a token that had been picked up by over 25,000 users but was not attracting trade because we made some serious delivery mistakes, the biggest one being that we did not invest in online marketing and press releases. The only reason we did that was that we were focusing on development and not image. It seems that this is the wrong way to go about business. Image, it seems is what attracts people, and the service is what keeps them.

Due to this ebb in our continuum, we decided to restructure our business and build a professional team from around the world. Blockchain developers, Web developers, Marketing and Branding specialists, Supply Chain Scientists and Economists. The team grew from 2 to 12 over 6 months, and during this period we revisited the original vision and aligned it to the new evolved vision that came out of months of deliberation.

What we started off with is comparable to a horse-drawn carriage when comparing it to the quantum engine design we are now developing. Integrating the latest blockchain technologies (Solana) with AI (Fuzzy Logic & ML) we have come up with a unique and leading-edge disruptive platform that will change the way information is managed on the internet.

During the last 2 months, we have been working 25/8 to get the new site and apps ready for launch. We have set a complete set of Agile Sprints to deliver the project online on time and in full. We have been working on organizational and technological transformations to make our user experience the one we and our community envisioned. We are preparing for a massive online and on-ground campaign, reaching out to over 4 billion people living in Asia and Africa, our initial target markets.

We are building up teams of dedicated representatives and we are formalizing our new Solana based token for an exchange process, where we convert all the old ERC20 tokens with the new Solana tokens.

A timeline is being formalized and will be delivered both online on our new website as well as on our various social media platforms.

We wish to conclude by repeating our thanks to all the dedicated Fuzzy.One followers and FLEx token holders. Your wait is not in vain and we will be emerging from our chrysalis stage very soon.



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