Fuzzy.One-FLEx to FUZ conversion

2 min readAug 8, 2021


To all subscribers that have FLEx in their private ETH wallets and wish to exchange them for FUZ, please follow the process: (UPDATED)

  1. Send us by e-mail to ian@fuzzy.one your ETH wallet address where you keep your tokens. We will check it on etherscan to see how much FLEx you hold. We will check the eth wallet address you give us with the one in our system that you used when you registered in the old site.
  2. If you do not have an old account you will need to send 1 FLEx token to this account 0x14387E6A7E79d28340fd78Ea3ac2243F4f511CAD as proof that you own the wallet you claim has your FLEx tokens. Then send us the txn hash so we can view the transfer and approve the account.
  3. Send us in the e-mail your new or current Fuzzy.One site username.
  4. We will credit your account with the relevant FUZ equivalent.
  5. If you do not have a Fuzzy.One account, you will need to register before you do the above.
  6. Since FLEx is no longer a usable token, there is no need to transfer it and waste valuable fiat.

This is a manual process, we decided not to wait for automation as many of our subscribers want to have their FUZ tokens already. We understand your impatience and will begin this process this week.

Please note, we will not be releasing FUZ to private SPL wallets, all FUZ tokens are on HODL on site until the countdown timer ends. This countdown timer is when we officially open up and activate all the modules in the site that are currently being developed.




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