Fuzzy.One — Everyone is a Winner!

We had a rethink of our playathon competition concept and have exponentially improved the model. So here goes.

The top 50 players with the highest scores after 14 days of playing will each win $1,000. After the top 50 players, the next 450 players will each receive $100 each.

This means that more people win and the wealth is shared with a better chance for every competitor to win the $1,000 or $100 depending on their place in the score board.

Every participant will win FUZ tokens irrespective of their place in the competition.

Anyone that comes under the top 2,001 highest scores will receive 0.001 FUZ

From 2,000 to 501 will receive 1 FUZ each

From 500 to 51 will receive $100 and 5 FUZ each

and from 50 will receive $1,000 and 10 FUZ each

The hype is on, the games are on, and very soon you can be a winner in the Fuzzy.One Playathon.

Registration is free, there are no catches. You register to the fuzzy.one site, you select to join the competition and you start to play. No adverts, no fees…just play and win.




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MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform

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