Fuzzy.One DeFi Development Update

2 min readMay 21, 2021


To ensure that our community receives the maximum benefit from using our platform we are starting to develop on the Solana blockchain a plethora of apps dedicated to empowering our communities profitability.

What is on the board:

  1. FUZ token, expected to be made public on 1st June 2021
  2. Wallet app, we are creating a similar app to Sollet, but ours will be inhouse enabling our members to create and manage their wallets from their profile page without having to open extra sites or tabs.
  3. Multi-signatory vault, we understand that some businesses and partnerships need to manage their resources with more than one authorizer. So we are building a GnosiSafe style vault.
  4. Payment Gateway, for our future mall, we are preparing a payment gateway that will act as a bridge between our users and every online store available. The idea is that you don't need to worry about having fiat available to buy online. Our app will automatically convert the tokens into fiat and pay for any purchases you want to make using our payment services.
  5. DeFi options for earnings including fixed and non-fixed savings (staking), liquidity pools, escrow and lending services and more.

Whilst Fuzzy.One is an information platform paying for the information provided by our community. We felt it important to include all the possible financial tools to make life easier for our community members and provide them with a “one-stop-shop” environment. A comprehensive ecosystem to price the ultimate user experience.

Our timeline for the above is under way, and we will present our crypto schedule within the coming two weeks…so stay tuned for more.




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