Macro — AMA


Q1. What is Macro?

The immediate answer in one sentence is:


Q2. What services does or will Macro offer?

The services we offer include a Q&A platform, a personal article (blog), a chat platform with the ability to add groups. A market for exchanging service and products. A playathon site where we share the wealth with our leaderboard. A financial clearing house, a defi platform and most of all, a simple and easy to understand UX.


Q3. How do our members earn and how do they get paid?

There are 3 models of earning and 3 models of payment:


Q4. How safe is our community data?

We recognise that the biggest threat to our community is cyber. Based on this fact and on the fact that we know we will be a target due to our exponential growth and reach, we have implemented a paradigm shift in that at the core of our platform sits cyber security and everything we develop is developed around this core. We provide multiple security components and elements to ensure that all private information is encrypted, unreachable and untouchable other then by the individual end user.


Q5. What is FUZ?

FUZ is a cryptocurrency built on the Solana blockchain. It is not yet listed on an exchange so it has no latent value other then what we determine. During the coming 2 months we intend to complete our private sale, in which we are selling FUZ at a rate of $2.5 per unit. We will then commence a public offering where the tokens will be offered at $5 per unit. The offering will be done via a respectable exchange, and upon completion of the offering, all our community members that have started to earn income will be able to exchange their FUZ earnings.


Q6. What is Macro’s vision?

Macro was born out of a geosocial view that the world is dysfunctional economically. The disparity between different wealth levels is a blight on the human ideal and is proof that humanity has not changed in 10,000 years. The only difference between the stone age and today is the technology.


Q7. Where do you see Macro in 3 years time?

1 billion happy community members.




MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform

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MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform

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