Fuzzy.One — All About Timing

3 min readJun 20, 2021

In a presentation made on June 5th, 2015, the great Bill Gross of Idealab showed the viewers “The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed”. You can view this exceptional video in the following link:



For start-ups it all comes down to timing, the best ideas can be lost “in time” when presented too soon, or not at the right time. So we decided to answer the question:

Why do we think the time is now?

Our answer is — The timing for our project is right now because of four major impact factors:

1Technology: We have access to emergent technologies — internet & Blockchain, we had to wait for Blockchain to provide us with cryptocurrencies; an intermediary liquidity source that is central to our business model. We pay our community using FUZ tokens, which are exchanged for fiat (real money) USD, but can also be used to earn more through savings, staking, lending and trading.

2Information: The world after Covid is not the same as before. We have now seen how the internet is sewn into the fabric of human endeavour. Information is key and validated information is rare. We cannot trust a lot of the sources of information due to the ambiguity of the source of the information. The internet is rife with misinformation, videos presenting fake solutions and news that cannot be trusted. It's time for a safe and sure information platform that delivers solutions that are validated and true.

3Economics: World economics has never proven more dysfunctional than post-Covid. The poor get poorer, and anyone involved in virtual trade got richer. The models pre-Covid were not much different and there was always a burning desire for a monetary revolution. This ties in with the emergence of cryptocurrencies. There is a need to provide extra sources of income to everyone irrespective of their financial status. We pay all our community members, we dont ask for anything back, all we ask is that the community asks and answers questions, using the Return on Knowledge (RoK) principle. We also added incentives such as a games platform where our community can participate in monthly board games such as chess and tic-tac-toe, one one one, no house, only the two individuals playing one another. We payout prizes to every player, and the top 300 scorers get paid in USD $. The prizes are paid out from our advertising income. We believe in sharing the wealth, not hoarding it. This way, the richer our community becomes, the larger we grow and together, we, as one community can empower ourselves and emerge dominant in the current selfish and greedy swayed global eco-system.

4 Language is a great barrier. Even within our own language, we must ensure that all involved in a discussion fully comprehend one another. How much more so is it an issue when discussing cross-language. We decided to provide a language solution to break down this barrier. Everyone can use the site in their own language. We provide a full English version of every question and answer, but the Q&A’s being asked and answered can be written in any language our community desires. At the moment we are building our platform in 40 languages, but this will grow as our community grows.


The time to change, adapt and overcome is always, it is always time to grow. However, introducing new ideas requires timing, and this is our and your time — Right Now!




MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform