Fuzzy.One-AI — its not what you think it is!

At the core of our information platform lives a small fuzzy logic routine that is built using AI and its purpose is to learn over time patterns of similarities between questions. The concept being that one day, when there are millions of questions in over 100 languages, the AI will be able to provide filter blocks stopping a question being asked when it has already been asked.

Now, you might think that AI stands for artificial intelligence, but it doesn't, not in our system. We, at Fuzzy.One are proud of our Fuzzy nature. We don’t even have boxes to think out of, since our thought process is totally free of packaging materials.

It is an intelligence that does not rely on binary logic.

Ambiguous intelligence is the embracement of fuzzy logic at the infinitieth set.

Consider this question: How do you feel?

Now answer it. Now answer it again. Now ask 7.8 billion people to answer it.

Now ask it like this: How are you today?

Or perhaps ask it like this: How are you feeling,? How are you doing? What’s up with you?

Now ask it in 160 different languages.

Ambiguous Intelligence uses fuzzy logic to create sets of data that are similar and in some cases identical but presented differently.

Move this over to the following sets:

  1. Where is the best Ford Mustang spare parts dealer in NYC?
  2. Who is the best Ford Mustang spare parts dealer in NYC?
  3. Where can I get the cheapest Ford Mustang spare parts in NYC?
  4. Who is the fastest supplier of spare parts for a Ford Mustang in NYC?

The above are just 4 different questions that can lead to similar if not identical answers, and yes they are 4 different questions that can lead to totally different answers.

Ambiguous Intelligence will present these to you when you ask a similar question, and this will enable you to find the answer without having to ask it again. Also, the system will discern whether the question you ask will lead to the same responses already in the system, and in this event, will block you from answering and force you to select one or all of the other questions for viewing their answers.

Fuzzy.One presents Ambiguous Intelligence (AI) the fuzzy logic way.

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