Fuzzy.One-A Winners Update

Everyone is a winner in Fuzzy.One

We initiated a controlled airdrop yesterday via twitter and telegram. The response was generous and we are planning on posting more airdrop messages across different communities.

For those that were concerned with the airdrop impact on the FUZ token price at listing. We wish to allay your concerns, as we have prepared the airdrop and marketing schedules in a concentric pattern to maximise the message and increase our community and maintain the token value at listing.

How do we do this?

  1. We start off by setting a time limit to the registration and referral bonus period. This time limit is managed by our countdown timer on the front page of the site.
  2. During the countdown period we offer 1 FUZ per registration and 1 FUZ per referral with an additional referral income from a 5 level referral model. You earn 1 FUZ from the person you refer, then if that person refers someone you get an additional 10% in value from that levels referral (0.1 FUZ), then if that person refers, you get another 10%, and so on for 5 levels. Everyone in the chain gets the same referral bonus. So, as a calculation, if you referred 10 people you get 10 FUZ, and if each of those 10 referred a further 10, you get 100x0.1 FUZ which is 10 FUZ, and if each of those 100 referred 10 each, you get .001 of 1000 new members, which is, yes you got it — 10 FUZ.
  3. Now lets talk market size dynamics. We expect to grow to around 100,000 users through the above referral marketing pattern. We would love to reach beyond 1,000,000 community members within the next 70 days and to continue to grow after that. However, as with all bonus schedules, it has its time limit. As such, we have calculated to pay out around 150,000 tokens from the referral bonus period. Our total market cap is currently 10 million tokens. 150,000 tokens is the equivalent of 1.5%. This is a very small percentage of the market cap and will therefore be easily managed at listing. If we do reach a million users, then we will have distributed 10% of our market cap which is considered an acceptable ceiling for market building. Take into account, that if or when we reach a million users, we will be one of the largest blockchain projects in the world, and the exponential effect of the referral program will lead us to explode exponentially upwards. That is why we have the time limit, which is set to protect all of us from over distribution.
  4. In terms of market dynamics, once the bonus period is over, we will continue to give FUZ for registrations and referrals, but at 1/10th of the amount, so after the countdown timer is finished, all new registrants and referrals will earn 0.1 FUZ each.
  5. Now lets look at the project itself. Most of the people registering at the airdrop stage are not interested in the project but in the token. Well, in most projects being airdropped today, they are right in that view point because most projects have no interest in success and are usually just a copy cat of another defi that has hit the market. Fuzzy.One is not another defi project. We do not emulate anyone else, we are unique and our project and vision is unique. Fuzzy.One offers people more tokens, but not via airdrop, via the business model. Check out the article update we wrote, I add it here so you don’t need to click…(this will explain why we are different and why 1 million users is just a drop in the ocean, we are aiming for billions of users.) In economies of scale, the current airdrop is just that spark plug that initiates the engine sequence…once the engine starts…the fun begins.

Just before you read below about how you can earn on monthly basis, check out this extra referral bonus…

Special Bonus Prizes

For the individual with the most accumulated referrals (5 levels deep) — $1,000 + 100 FUZ (total value $1,500)

For everyone that has accumulated 100,000 referrals within their matrix, will get 100 FUZ (value $500)

The Super Special Bonus Prize

A super special bonus to the individual whose accumulated total is above 1 (one) million — $10,000 + 1,000 FUZ (total value ($15,000)

Important Notice (Disclaimer)

We will only accept real registrations, if we find any fake registrations we will ban the entire matrix! So make sure all your group adhere to the strict rules of engagement. NO FAKE REGISTRATIONS!

We will pay out the super special + the special if the leader has more than a million referrers.

How everyone can earn monthly income via Fuzzy.One

Imagine an information center in your city or town. A place where you can go to ask a question and get a reply. A place where you can ask your question in your own language, and ask a question that might be local. Or you might ask a question about something national within your country? Or perhaps you need a solution that is generic, so anyone in the world can answer it, so long as they have the right experience and knowledge.

That is Fuzzy.One. We are your information center, in every town, every village, every city. We are on every computer and every smart phone. We bring the real, validated and trusted information directly to everyone wherever you may be.

Earning daily income from sharing your knowledge

BUT, we do more. Our information center is a global income provider, it pays everyone that answers questions. We provide extra income or even a stable monthly income to all and everyone that answers questions. After all, who is better at answering a localized question than someone local.

We want you to earn more, and you don’t need to own a car or a house, you don’t need to be rich, all you need is your brain and your life experience and your work experience. If you are a student, an employee, a manager, a freelancer, a pensioner, or if you are just someone that lives somewhere and knows something; you can answer questions asked by everyone else. You can ask questions and someone will answer them.

Imagine waking up every day knowing you could earn more income, more money, by answering a few questions. Spend ten minutes or an hour, however much time you want to dedicate to the information platform and earn for every answer you provide. Now imagine you can ask questions which someone else will answer, you are providing income too. You are enabling someone to answer a question and get paid for it.

Ask and Answer and get Paid

Are you a student that needs help? Ask & Answer, if you answer you get paid.

Are you an employee that needs help? Ask & Answer, if you answer you get paid.

Are you a housewife/husband that needs help? Ask & Answer, if you answer you get paid.

Are you a freelancer that needs help? Ask & Answer, if you answer you get paid.

Are you a single parent that needs help? Ask & Answer, if you answer you get paid.

Are you a pensioner that needs help? Ask & Answer, if you answer you get paid.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whenever you are: Ask & Answer, if you answer you get paid.

Are you a business owner that wants to reach out to a local, or national or global community? Ask & Answer, but you pay us $1 monthly per Q&A.

Playathon — Recreational income

Add to this our recreational playathon page. This is where we share in our wealth. 30% of all income from advertising is diverted back into the playathon. We split the income into three layers, $100, $50 and 1FUZ ($5). That’s correct, real USD not crypto. We pay out our leaderboard with an equal prize amount, once a month. Once every month we will start a one week competition period in which you and everyone in our community can join in and play a one on one game with another community member. Over the week you amass points in the leaderboard and at the end of the session we pay out the prizes. For instance, if we were to earn $1 million in advertising income in a month, we would take $300,000 of it and split it up into 2,000 payouts of $100 and 2,000 payouts of $50. We would also give every player that plays more than 5 games (win or lose) 1FUZ ($5). This means we have 4,000 payouts and most probably 90% of all players receive 1FUZ ($5)

Now add to this that we keep the playathon page open for play for fun between competitions. BUT, its not just for fun, for every game you play, win or lose, you earn 0.01 FUZ. So you could play 100 games in a month and earn 1 FUZ ($5). A game is tic tac toe, chess, backgammon, nine mans morris and also a one-on-one poker game.

Eradicating extreme poverty

We believe in the sharing economy, we believe that your best asset is your mind, and we believe in you.

So we urge you to come and join this amazing platform, be part of a global change that will bring income and happiness to millions. Be part of the fastest growing and strongest community, where we pay you, we share with you, we recognize you as our most important member.

Our aim is to eradicate extreme poverty by providing everyone with equal access to earning income by sharing in the wealth when you share in your knowledge and experience.




MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform

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MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform

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