Something to think about and react! Yes, this article is provocative for a reason…it’s time to think…or maybe we don’t need to…This article is either going to make you angry, or you will agree with it. If this article offends you, GOOD! It means its true, because the truth hurts when you don’t accept it!

The Billionaire Gods

  1. Some of the worlds billionaires pretend they care, they have active Instagram and twitter accounts and influence the sheep into following them. The sheep clap and laugh, are happy because maybe the billionaire noticed their response and they go home with a warm fuzzy feeling…

After much deliberation we have decided to focus on three key markets:


Low Income Earners

Arabic Speakers

Let’s look at these markets:

Source: What is Tokenomics? — He3Labs

After a few months of focused blockchain development and discussions with investors and interest groups we have reached a new high with our Tokenomics 2.0 model that will accompany our business model. Our project incorporates the two world requirements that crypto was intended for: we provide a stable economic environment together with an excitable tokenomic environment that feed one another in a continuous upward spiral, and the form it takes is a double helix.

We have been asked what do we do, well, we do a lot, but here is a description of what we do, in a concise and easy to read article.

We are all about YOU!

What came first

A brief history of gig economies: There was AirBnB, a gig economy that provided owners of houses to rent them out online. Then there was Uber, Grab, Careem and more, who provided owners of cars or driving licenses to drive for others via an online app. Then came along Foodpanda, UberEats and more, who provided delivery people with an online app to make money delivering food. …

Christine, our CMXO, during her induction into the company started to ask Ian our COO questions about Fuzzy.One, instead of just answering them for her to hear, we decided to write them down and share the questions with everyone. We will be preparing a Youtube version within the following weeks.

Please note, this is a big read…why? Because we want to share everything with you!


This is the next article in the series of antagonistic articles aimed at getting you angry, because it means you are in conflict with our truth and yours. Maybe we can match truth’s?

The Blind leading the Blind

In the land of the blind the one eyed person is leader (Yes, for the woke society I removed the gender issue). In the world of Crypto it seems the blind are leading the blind as no one seems to have any vision. Let’s take a closer look:

I recently spoke with a banker, a financial expert, and asked him his thoughts on the fact that most…

We have opened a discord server for our project. Everyone is invited to join us here:

The first 1,000 followers to our new discord channel will receive 1 FUZ in their site wallet. (To receive it, when you join Discord, add a comment with your username)

For every referral to Discord that you refer, you will get 0.1 FUZ, so 10 referrals = 1 FUZ. Remember to send us the list of referrals so we can credit you with the FUZ.

Payment for referrals is not automatic, all referrals will be checked individually to confirm they are real and that you referred them.

The referral bonus will last until the countdown timer in the site finishes.

Tokenomics and Withdrawing from site update

To ensure there is no pump and dump we are initiating a core liquidity pool vault. All users will have their first 20 FUZ tokens placed in HODL in this vault. Any FUZ above the first 20 can be withdrawn. If you want to remove your holdings from the Liquidity pool, you can, but then you will need to wait for it to grow to 20 tokens before you can withdraw again.

The reason for this is to ensure a liquidity pool that helps to maintain a market value which is beneficial to the whole community. Also, and perhaps more…

Referral Plan

This is it, our referral plan in one easy to understand pic.

The more you refer, and the more those you referred also refer, the more FUZ you will earn.

This deal lasts till the countdown timer on the site ends.


Fuzzy.One is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform

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