After much deliberation and multiple requests from every corner of the globe, from subscribers to investors, from haters to lovers, we have changed our name from Fuzzy.One to Macro!

Macro is the next generation information platform providing the ultimate environment for earning income for AI validated questions and answers.


WHY??!! The most recent spate of questions being asked in Telegram: Why is there no movement, why are we waiting? What is happening in the fuzzy world?

Simple answer: Mobile and Funding.

We are currently developing a mobile version and we are in the middle of a fund raise for…

Christine, our CMXO, during her induction into the company started to ask Ian our COO questions about Fuzzy.One, instead of just answering them for her to hear, we decided to write them down and share the questions with everyone. We will be preparing a Youtube version within the following weeks.

We have been working diligently with out community and improving our site functionality and tokenomics model and we have come up with the following new Q&A functionality. This functionality will be developed and integrated over the next few weeks.

We have a comprehensive new system in development that includes the…

We have completed the initial Q&A module and updated the payment model. As per our last update there are more changes coming we complete the fine tuning of this new platform.


We are beginning to design and develop a mobile version for Android and iOS, these will be released within…


MACRO is a Return on Knowledge Information Platform

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